Beer Run

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Beer Run
LocationOrk Underground
Result Acquired Truckload of Hurlg from the Krime brewery
Factions Involved
The night shift of Krime Brewery
Casualties and losses
None 3 careers, the CEO's company car, the forklift, several College Fratboys' livers.


The Johnson hired the runners to acquire booze for them, after their fake SIN was rejected at the local liquor store.


Short, sweet, and to the point! The Johnson offered 6k nuyen for them to steal a truckload of booze.


The runners elected to hit one of the three breweries nearby, opting for the one with the most arrogantly false advertising, which happened to be the KRIME! brewery. Because of course KRIME has a brewery. They made their way down into the Ork Underground, meeting in front of the brewery because Pink Mohawk, and scoped out the security. They decided that the two gang members, fence, and cameras weren't really a problem, with Deimos using her monowhip to open a hole in the fence. Jezebel convinced the gangers to run away, but with nowhere to go, the pair just wound up huddling in the corner. At which point Deimos made her way to them and cast Intoxication, rendering them extremely drunk.

Those two out of the way, Deimos then used her monowhip on the door, giving them a nice entrance into the bar area of the brewery. They then made their way back to the kitchen, and raided the fridge of Soy Pockets and Soy Tarts, before they headed for the brewery proper. Riot shapeshifted herself into a rat and wriggled under the door, finding it to be trapped with a shotgun pointed at whatever trespasser would open it, and then took a look around, finding the night brewer still on the job. She rendered him unconscious with a rather potent Punch spell, before returning to her elven form, disarming the trap, and then letting the others through. Deimos made the unconscious guy even drunker than the previous two, with another intoxicate spell, and then they proceeded through the bottling room, to the loading dock. There, they found a truck already loaded up with the next morning's deliveries, and proceeded to look for the keys. They found them in a locked metal cabinet, after finding the key for said cabinet on the night brewer.

They stole the truck, gave the other sets of keys to the two drunk gangers, ordered them to have fun, and then drove the stolen shipment of Hurlg to the frat party, collected their pay, and Riot and Jezebel joined in, getting extremely drunk!


Heightened security on the KRIME brewery and a lost shipment of Hurlg.


6k nuyen, 7 karma

Game Quotes

Player AAR


Thank goodness for little frat boys and their trust funds. The only thing that would make this more of a milk run would be if KRIME! had been brewing milk stouts. I do hope Jezebel and Riot have a ride home... perhaps I should message them before they get too drunk.


Whosh fraggin' idea was it... hic... to steal a truck fulla hurlg?!?! I jus'... hic had to try some, and then some more... Thosh guys really should watch their drinkin' habits!