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Big Brother (Tommy Prince)
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Street Samurai
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.July 3rd, 2049
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Tommy Prince was born on July 3rd, 2049. Twenty-nine years old, he lives in restored antique US-military silo that is rented out by some 'corporate history-preservation foundation'. The silo sits in the far north of Seattle Barrens, only a small metal hatch is visible from the outside.

*flashback* Boots pounding across the red, irradiated, lifeless soil. Each resounding footstep sending a cloud of red mist whirling into the air. The year is 2077, it's summer in the barrens and the temperature is pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Constantly wiping away the sweat and blood that pour into his now stinging eyes. Behind him the sounds of canine snarls, and gleeful yips keep his legs pushing forward frantically towards the silvery-door.
    After eluding the cerberus hounds, hours of constant ambushes, fifty miles and one buried friend later, Tommy is exhausted. He was hired to bring cerberus brain to some scientists up in the glasstowers. He brought along his friend Riley, who would split 50/50 profits with him. His keen-eyes failed him though, little too late did he, Big Brother notice the tracks wound back around for an ambush, they were smart, and deadly the Cerberus. He shovels the final bit of dust over the grave, and heads back inside for a shower.  */flashback*

Tommy Prince, aka Big Brother to his friends, works odd-jobs hunting paranormal critters for folks. He secretly wants to start a farm, and to have bees and butterfly's that he's read about on the Matrix. On the outside he's a rugged hunter and mercenary. When he does feel socially-inclined he usually heads straight to the Daze, a local bar with lots of like-minded folk that keep to the Shadows.


  • Renovate Home: Construct an organic farm and beehive in his bunker.
  • Revenge: Hunt down the Cerberus pack that killed his friend Riley.


Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Phobia (Blood): Big Brother might be a trained killer, but he gags at the sight of blood. Gore is even worse..
  • Social Appearance Anxiety: Tommy worries about what he looks like too much. Constantly asking those he's comfortable with how he looks. If he has to wear anything besides his favorite equipment he gets very nervous and self-conscious. Finding a rip his trousers can post-pone important tasks.
  • Dependent: If Tommy isn't high he is probably having a bad day.
  • Bi-Polar: When he's having a good time, Big Brother is the most bad-to-the-bone, exceedingly charming professional there is. Sometimes he feels itchy in his skin.. like the worlds not 'right' and he loses all motivation and can barely concentrate on tasks at hand.
  • Exception Attribute and Agile Defender: Tommy trains and works-out religiously. When home he's either shooting guns in the firing range, or out hunting paranormal critters nearby.
  • Hawkeye: Big Brother is notorious for spotting trouble before it comes, finding tracks, and setting up ambushes. Neither rain, snow, dark or weather obscures his sight.
  • Biocompatability: ???

Run History



  • Vanessa Pearce - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Street Doc (Swag)
  • Alessa P - Connection 4, Loyalty 1 - Fixer (Networking)




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Fake SIN: Chris Kyle (Driver and Bounty-Hunter License)


  • Male, age 29, grey hair, native american, 6 foot, 166 pounds, stormy blue.


  • Mortimer of London: Argentum Coat (Grey mechanics suit with utility belt.)
  • Charcoal-colored, cloak
  • Steel-toe, cerberus hide boots
  • Grey leather, custom gloves

Matrix Persona

  • Duality Wolves (One black, one white.)

Tastes and Style

  • Lifestyle equivalency: High.
  • Food: Big Brother enjoys a real food diet. He patrols a local corporations agriculture facility in-trade for beef steaks. Paracritters can sniff out a cow from a mile away, some of em' can even walk or teleport through walls. It's a problem.
  • Trid: Merc-Shows, following mercenary units from former wars. Or Sci-Fi comedy/action.
  • Music: Tommy listens to lots of different music. His favorite is Powernoize, instrumental music based on a distorted drumbeat and synthetic music.
  • Facilities: The old military silo has an antiquated, but serviceable greenhouse station, it's only capable of growing Algae. Soldiers in 2050 with Suprathyroid Glands required excess amounts of nutrients. It's cramped & claustrophobic with lots of tight-corridors and blank cement walls, and in a dangerous part of the barrens, but it's home.
  • Daily vehicle: White Suzuki Mirage, high-speed, great handling, racing bike with off-road tires. Religiously maintained and cleaned.
  • Combat vehicle: White Tata Hotspur, morphing license plates, run-flat tires, Off-road Rally truck with upgraded speed and handling.

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