Big Shaun

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Big Shaun
Social Infiltrator
"You idiots can't tell shit from a flower."
MetatypeVulpine Shifter (Dryad)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.February 15, 2060
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - E

Character Information


An aggressive, sour and rude fox hailing from Korea. While when initially seeing them you might have thought you'd seen an angel, her crass words and attitude will swiftly correct that for you. Her reputation of abandoning groups when she's fed up preludes her when her background is known.


  • Fix up shrine
  • Become famous on own
  • Kick EVO's ass
  • Use running to inspire music


Jae-Hee was born out int he wild in Korea near the Paektu Mountain. She grew up well, being a shifter let them hunt from a young age and considerably better than normal. She eventually met other shifters, the one who guarded the mountain top. From them she learned Korean, and about the world of metahumans, to an extent. She was warned of their ways, and to steer clear.

The first mistake of her life was to completely ignore the warnings as when the first time she saw metahumans she went to them, and followed them. She spent more time learning from them before hitching a ride in their vehicle without their knowledge. This firstly did not sit well with the shifters of the mountain.

Eventually she made her way to the Seattle-Inguem Metroplex, at barely a couple years old she made her way into the sprawls. As a curious fox is want to do, they explored and made friends in the city. For another five years she lived as a resident of the city's underbelly. Eventually she fell in with a group in the Jo-Poks. She learned most of her skills for stealth from them, and turning into a fox helped her out quite a bit with getting away. Slowly she took in the media and influence there of in the city, and grew to love music. She spent some time singing and playing on the streets in her metahuman form, assisted by being a Dryad of a kind. Over a couple more years her fame grew in the streets of Seoul, until Evo caught wind and offered her a job as an idol. Without any hesitation she took it, leaving behind her old gang without a second thought.

She moved from the streets and took on the roll of an Idol, sharing her music with all of Korea. But in time it with everything involving the corps, she realized she never really had any control. All of her training had amounted to her being the perfect talking head. Everything was decided for her, and eventually music was an after-thought for her. Now, she was an actress, a personality, music was a break for her, and even then she never even got tomake the music anymore. Eventually she had just become a puppet for Evo.

She can't quite recall when but at some point Jae-Hee broke. Somewhere between the breakneck schedule and practicing stupid dance moves she absolutely broke. During her last musical concert, she sang one final song, completely off-script before running off-stage and making her getaway. From there she smuggled her way to Seattle all the way from Korea, hoping rides on boats simply hoping to make her way out of Asia.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Bad Rep - 'I mean, I left a couple of places behind, and made quite a few people mad from moving up in the world. Their fault if they can't handle me leaving. Probably be once being the face for a Corp could do that too.'
Poor Self Control (Attention-Seeking) - 'I've had years of my life doing shit by EVO's rules, being all nice and waiting for the spotlight, fuck that shit! I want my own fame my way!'
Wanted: Evo, Y30,000 - 'Yeah, I kind of just left so, Evo's probably still looking for me.'

Run History

No runs yet. This list will auto-populate when this character is tagged in a run AAR.



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Axolotl 5 2 Fixer Sneaky Snake Metasapients, Aztechnology, Metaplanar Guide, Talislegging, Corporate Security, Magical Security Even
Mole 5 2 Legwork Infobroker Current Events, Fence, Hacker, Infobroker, Informer Network, Syndicate Savant Even
Dr Elijah "Snowflake" Turing 4 3 Service Doctor Specializing in Exotic Physiologies Surgeon, Exotic Physiology Specialist, Missionist, Health Spells, Chip On His Shoulder Even







In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

The jacket she wears was the uniform for her old Jo-Pok, back when she still ran with them being arrows and a duck skull wearing native american chieftain headware. She usually has her hood up, and wears a ballistic mask styled as a face mask.

Matrix Search Table

1 Hit You get information on an old hip-hop artist from the late 2000's.
3 Hits You find information on an idol from Korea that looks suspiciously like Big Shaun, with news of them running off stage at a concert in March of 2081. There are a number of theories on why this is in the forms of Korean articles.
6 Hits You find old security footage and myfeed pictures claiming to have spotted them in the Incheon area docks. There's footage of her climbing into a cargo ship belonging to Wuxing.

Shadow Community Table






She wears a fancy armored jacket denoting the old Jo-Pok gang she ran with back in Seoul. She wears a steel-chained necklace that says 'HOOP' on it, and black pants with combat boots.

Matrix Persona

Her persona is that of a cartoon-styled arctic fox with nine tails that has fire for eyes.

Media Mentions

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