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Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - A
Resources - D

Character Information


A smoothtalking, womanizing, drunkard who crossed a line too far, and now runs the shadows to pay the rent.


Acquire a nice home, build back what wealth he had, and begin collecting old antiques anew.


  • Born (2056) to associates of the Finnigan family, Blackwood grew up and learned from the Soldati. Becoming enamoured with the slick and well dressed thugs, BW knew who he wanted to be.
  • Working hard to achieve his goals, BW took his lumps and learned his lessons. He took a short course at SeaU in early 19th century history to teach himself some finer details about the world. Eventually BW came pretty close to becoming a made-man.
  • After getting completely drek-faced, BW slept with Frank Cherry "Popper's" daughter - BW gets beaten, had his house burned down, and to add insult to injury BW's vintage gun collection was inside.
  • Kicked out of the Finnigans, persona non-grata. Now square with Popper, whom still has a grudge against BW.
  • Being kicked out of the Finnigans leaves Blackwood without a job or any contacts, but thanks to Popper's daughter Blackwood gained contact with a fixer as an entry to the shadows.
  • Now starting again from scratch Blackwood aims to build back up to what he had. A wealthy home, and a big ol' collection of antique weapons to marvel at.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Big Regret

Blackwood was going places, he was going to join the Finnigans, be someone who mattered, but no, bulldrek family politics happens and he was just cast out like trash.

Poor Self Control (Compulsive I, Personal)(The Drink)

Blackwood's alchoholism started young, both his parents were heavy drinkers themselves, and being an associate of the Finnigans stressed BW out to no end, so back when he was 15 and drunk his first bottle clean, he never stopped.

Prejudiced (Specific, Outspoken)(The Finnigans)

"So what that I slept with Alicia?! It isn't Popper's business to stick his crooked nose in our relationship, frag that guy! He burned my fragging house down and the Finnigans did nothing!"

Social Appearance Anxiety II

Looking nice is importance. Too important, if you don't look nice you don't get respect. You need respect to get by in this business. "HEY! Watch the suit riff-raff!"

Run History



  • Alicia Cherry - Connection 3, Loyalty 4 - Mafia Princess (Shadow Services)
  • Betty White - Connection 4, Loyalty 1 - Lawyer (Shadow Services)




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


John Gregary - Rating 3 (UK, Fake)


Blackwood is a tall caucasian man that dresses to impress, he wears expensive looking clothes themed to Mortimer of London, walks with a cane, and has slicked back hair. He speaks with an English accent.


Blackwood can always be seen wearing something expensive; usually an Argentum coat, executive suite, some shiny black leather shoes, and a fancy-ass cane.

Matrix Persona

Blackwood's persona is a faceless stone golem wearing classy looking clothing, tophat and all.

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