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Decker field medic
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PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


Blank is a decker Primary on Matrix, Secondary on Medic


No one would care for such a triviality as a goal. But revenge is a dish best served with a ruined reputation. Along with paying child support payments every month Idle hands are the Devils play things and right now the Devil wants a orchestra.


Born in Seattle was simply raised like any bright future analytic high expectations and overbearing family that left him to his own goals when he graduated out of college with a major in economy and a minor doctorate. Married his college sweetheart and got a good paying Job in a branch of Saeder Krupp Heavy Industries and with high expectations dealing with taxes, household payments and having a child on the way things looked bright for a future in where most can’t even get a bed to sleep in.

However that was where it all started step by step 7 years slowly by slowly every 3 months or so. The work he committed to the company was never enough ‘To slow, Leaving early” more and more complaints from his manager one of many that kept the slave wagers on going and step by step payment by payment He kept on paying for modifications Cyberware and Bioware he would never even think about but the ever looming threat of being fired and a raise just over next hurdle Every. Single. Time.

First came the noise, that god awful sound that wracked his head, the chuckling by the water cooler from the big wigs, the jokes his company men made annoying. The only solace he had at work was the guy just beside him, a work jockey just right next to him. Wallace D, Bishop. A snake in the guise of an overworked man just like him. He was the first to suggest to the man that maybe instead of expecting a change, how about he changed himself. Hesitant but he was going to be fired if he didn’t make a change and like justifications and drugs. “You do it once, it makes it easier to do it again and again...and again.”

First was his ears. It was painful and uncomfortable but he had an improvement in his work flow...and that was all it took small “improvements” that got him better pay and better work flow however more and more was tasked upon him. “One step ahead” was always the motto. Then came the troubles at home. His wife had been unhappy with the fact that he was far too busy at work. Though Blank didn't see what it was doing to him. He had explained it allowed him to move up in his job to get a better pay and a better life for them. And he slept in the same bed with her every night this discussion came along.

His Cyber ears were the first augmentation and yet as Icarus had flown too close to the sun the man had over the course of his career taken it upon himself to keep working and keep changing himself so he always had a place in the company. And that was also true for his only Co-worker Wallace. In their department they had found themselves working more and more with friends in a workplace that quantified and valued numbers over everything. Then it came to the  Cerebral boosters, Mnemonic Enhancer, Sleep regulators, even Tailored Pheromones that had been suggested to keep the stank from working 20 hours a day without break to keep going. More and more he had kept changing himself all while keeping a small photo on his desk of his wife and kids. He was doing it all to keep them happy and living comfortably. until finally after 7 years of Incredibly grueling work the grace of the world had finally decided to humbled him.

Fired from his high paying job, For botching a project he wasn’t even involved with. His name was scrubbed on a couple papers he didn’t sign. And the company decided it was easier to let him go than bring this to further complications. When he returned to his wife and kids utterly destroyed mentally sweating and panicking, his wife brought out divorce papers with a lawyer sitting in the living room. He was berated for a neglectful father and the severance would force him to pay child support payments. With nothing left to do he had found himself in a bar with an old friend he met in college and about only 3 months after the divorce learning his wife remarried to some “Saeder Krupp Big wig” The guy was out of it...and was given a chance perhaps it wasn't all that legal… but beaten living like waste.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Analytical mind Blandness Deckbuilder Overclocker


Addition to Betel (Mild) Lightweight SINner (Corperated Limited) (Saeder Krupp)

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Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Colten Wight 2 4 Fixer Stuffer Shack Owner. The Boss This is totally not Illegal, Been around the block, Ears to the public Even




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Anderson Fletcher (UCAS) (r4) F-Drivers License (r4) F-Cyberdeck License (r4) F-Restrictive Bioware License (r4) F-Restrictive Cyberware License (r4) - Frank Augustine (UCAS) (r1)



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