Blood and Soil

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This metaplot deals with a turf war in the CAS that gets mixed up with Humanis and other anti-metahuman groups.


The Cretins

The Cretins are a small, but well armed go-gang full of swamp dwelling cajuns centered around Louisiana bayous and the Mississippi River. They primarily use airboats and pickup trucks to move drugs in and out of Louisiana. Despite their name, They use their influence and money to help the local communities thrive. Mostly mundane, with a handful voodoo magicians.


  • Protect their supply routes
  • Steal The Old Crows' land and shipping supplies/vehicles
  • Establish a permanent foothold in the Louisiana smuggling area and push the Old Crows out


  • Ruby (Louisiana woman)
  • Amos Moss
  • Big Jimbo

The Old Crows

Another gang of rednecks and hillbillies who operate over the tri-state area. They primarily use large off road vehicles and semi trucks to run their operations. They are a larger outfit than The Cretins with a handful of farms across Mississippi and Alabama. They are new to the Louisiana area and wanting to push out the competition. The Old Crows are known to be ruthless to anyone who could not prove useful to them. All Mundane or Adepts.


  • Protect their product and farms
  • Eradicate the Cretins' operations


  • The Ramblin' Man (Mississippi man)
  • Badman Brown

New Orleans Police Service (NOPS)

New Orleans' own privatized police service.


  • Has High paying bounties on both gangs as incentives for runners to turn them in
  • Stop the flow of drugs across state and national lines
  • Bring in higher up gang affiliated POIs for information on supply chains
  • Burn any drug farms discovered

Jerry, The Hippie Sasquatch

Do you need to know anything more?


  • Get Drugs

Humanis Policlub

The largest, most influential policlub in the world. Has chapters in all the major cities, especially throughout the CAS. They are extra influential in Texas, where they originated. They have extensive connections in Lone Star and other corps and political orgs throughout the region, which they use to their advantage. Despite their reputable exterior, they are known to work in the criminal underworld, having packs of armed thugs to do their dirtywork wiping out metahuman gangs and operations. They have secondary objectives of opposing the influence of Amerindians, Aztlan, and the awakened.


  • Manipulate law enforcement, gang activity, and the legal system to ensure human supremacy on their own terms.
  • Maintain a reputable public face.


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