Blue Challenge

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Blue Challenge
LocationPullyalup, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Blue Dragons
The Ancients
Brute Force
Casualties and losses
None, but only just. 13 Elves, 2 Elementals.


(Thursday, July 21, 2081) Puyallup, Seattle: Thirteen dead elven gangers were discovered in a rubble strewn block in the Puyallup Barrens this afternoon. There were signs of an unknown number of additional combatants removed from the scene (whether by outside parties or under their own power is unknown at this time). One of the Knight Errant officers arriving some hours after the incident was quoted as saying, "I mean, gangers. Right?" Further requests for official comment were declined.


A post appeared on the Shadowhaven BBS from an unknown party hiring runners for an all out bullet-fest of a brawl in the Puyallup Barrens. The sender promised it would be "a real scrape" and hinted that the Yakuza and/or elves might be involved.

The Meet

The runners pulled up to the coordinates of the meet: a grungy Puyallup ganger bar bedecked in the neon Kanji favored by Yakuza frequented establishments. The front was lined with bikes emblazoned with the colors of a known Yakuza affiliated gang, the Blue Dragons. Entering the bar, the runners were met with an almost completely empty main room, with only a surly bartender casting suspicious glances their way.

Upon determining that the strange foursome were in fact the group he had been instructed to send to the back room for the meet, the bartender allowed them through a locked door. The room beyond was much more crowded. A group of gangers stood defensively to either side of a Japanese man sitting in the only chair in the room.

The runners waited politely for the man--obviously their Mr. Johnson--to acknowledge them and invite them to speak. When he did, he told them of a group of rival gangers who were in need of extermination--or, barring that, a decisive beatdown that would remove them from the playing field with extreme prejudice. He offered 20,000 nuyen and post-battle medical attention. Skein set his hand at negotiating the fee higher, but his inexperience showed. The agreement was made and the Johnson had his team give the runners the right look for the job (it was important that the rival gang, a group of elves flying The Ancient's banner, knew the runners represented the Blue Dragons and their Yakuza masters) by magically altering their armor and clothing with the appropriate colors and badges. They provided any incidental equipment the runners might need, then set them off in a Roadmaster toward the appointed battlezone.

The Run

As the armored transport sped into the Puyallup Barrens toward the battle, Skein finished off any remaining preps he needed. Already a bit dizzy from the strain (and knowing his own limitations in a fight), he set about summoning a spirit to fight the battle for him. A powerful Valkyrie appeared before him, accepted his offerings, and agreed to join he and his comrades in the glory of battle. The magic tore through him, though, and Skein arrived at well less than his fighting best.

The team leapt from the Roadmaster and prepared for battle. The field was a rubble-strewn lot with five large piles of rubble providing cover. Across the battlefield were 13 visible assailants ready to engage. Brute Force and Skein both opened themselves to the astral plan and saw two fire elementals as well. Skein tried to climb back into the Roadmaster for protection, but the medical staff politely indicated that he should frag off.

Skein instructed his Valkyrie to engage all enemy assailants with an assault rifle, prioritizing those who came within 50 meters. And then the battle was engaged. Across the field, the enemy split into three primary groups: 2 groups of 5 grunts, armed with assault rifles, one running down the center, the other heading around the East side to flank. An enemy sniper took position on (and the mage ducked out of sight behind) a pile of rubble to the North. The elementals headed separately into the fray. Burn0ut ran for the East bit of cover, while Brute Force, Skein, and Vichnozeleny all ran for the pile directly in front of them, just West of center. Skein's spirit immediately opened fire with the ak-98 Skein had tossed her, mowing down one of the enemy charging center. And thus the vicious whirlwind went, slideshow flickers of unrestrained violence and bitter loss. Of the team, Brute Force was the first to go down, as the enemy focus-fired on the big boi troll. He took quite a few with him before finally collapsing into a heap. Vic was shooting down grunts when she was flanked by one of the fire elementals. She narrowly avoided being engulfed by the creature's flames. Skein's Valkyrie stopped shooting long enough to toss an ice bolt at the elemental, taking it out of the fight. Vic aimed her specially modified gauss rifle and took out the other fire elemental, then struck North to find a position to geek the mage--who was busy throwing manaballs at Burn0ut, herself engaged with the group of grunts flanking from the East.

One by one the enemy combatants fell, until only the sniper on the pile of rubble and a single grunt remained. BurnOut ran to take out the sniper, while the final grunt fired on Vic--and got lucky. Vic went down, and the grunt rounded the rock to confront Skein. Skein tried to dodge the hail of bullets, tripped, accidentally activated one of his lightning bolt preps, narrowly avoided getting electrocuted, then hit the ground, wrecked and bloody. Meanwhile, Burn0ut took out the sniper, then rushed to take out the final grunt. The day was won.


The medics filed out of the Roadmaster and stabilized everyone. Skein was rushed to a specialized rejuvenation center, where his body was healed with no lasting impact to his essence. Rejuvenation centers are expensive, though, so the Johnson considered his debt (to Skein, at least) paid.


  • 20,000 Nuyen (everyone but Skein)
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (pAARs)


Odin’s beard, that was chaos! I’m more of a finesse player, and that was...that was nuts. I was pretty sure I was joining the Einherjar there at the end. Say what you like about the Yaks...they can fix a body right.

Brute Force

I can't believe they managed to take me down. Not every day that happens. I think it costed them more in ammo than I got paid though, at least. But, at least it was me and not the others getting shot, since I can at least take it. We all made it through and that's what's important.


My armor is not sufficient enough to evade this kind of firepower. Monolith be my witness, as I tried to purge these heretics one after another, the numbers were too great. I am no superhuman able to dodge bullets like a godly being. I was hit, thankfully with no lasting damage, and I failed my comrades. I may pray that it does not happen again, for this was a grim portent for my future.