Bomba Del Zar

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Bomba Del Zar
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Diego Carrillo
Frank Grover
Sons of Sauron
Red Flower
Heavy Ordnance
Big Boy
Sledgehammer Orc
6xSons Terrorists
Casualties and losses
Boombox unconscious, Heracles burned edge to live all of them
Red Flowers Mundane Ascension


The Runners are tasked by the David Cartel to find a large quantity of stolen military explosives from Aztechnology in the Ork underground. They also manage to negotiate a deal with KE that allows KE to look good. In the final battle against the Sons of Sauron, the Runners are almost overwhelmed.


The Sons of Sauron have stolen a large quantity of military explosives from Aztechnology. Aztechnology brought these explosives to Seattle for Seattle headquarters. Aztechnology is officially cooperating with KE in this theft. However, the tracks lead into the Ork underground and KE has problems to operate there because this terriorium is under the protection of the Skraacha. After some political back and forth in which nothing moves in the case and Aztechnology fears a major PR disaster if the explosives could be traced back to Atzechnology, they decide to hire runners through the David Cartel (Diego Carrillo) to search for the explosives in the Ork underground.

The Meet

The runners are welcomed in a very good Mexican restaurant by Diego. There is no one there except them. Diego invites everyone to eat and drink and then explains his problem during the meal. Since Red Flower is supposed to pretend that she is not part of the cartel, she negotiates with Diego and is able to get a higher price and a discount on some goods. The team agrees to the deal and Diego gives them all the data he has including the roles of Atzechnology and KE. The runners then get to work.

The Plan

Heavy contacts Granny Tusk and gets some information about the approximate location of the explosives and that the Skraacha are involved. However, the possible area is still huge. Red Flower contacts Cedric Lupei and gets some information from Aztechnology. She then decides to make a call to Frank Grover who works for KE. After a short negotiation she is able to strike a deal with Frank that allows Boombox to get rid of his wanted status if the case is solved in a way that KE looks in a good light. Heracles searches the matrix and is able to find a recording of Skraacha and some unknown men in black FBAs loading explosives.

The Run

Heracles and Heavy head into the orc underground to investigate. Heavy has a conversation with a Skaacha guard who lets slip that a third party brought the explosives. She promises to talk to her superiors about whether it would be okay to do something against this party and would get back to Heavy. Then the two make their way to the place where the camera is mounted (from the recording in the matrix). But it is too busy for them to get to the chip from the camera on the ceiling and they decide to return to the others for now. After everyone has rested, they return together to the orc underground to the place where the camera is placed. Unfortunately, there is even more going on now. Red Flower goes over to the Skraacha guards and starts flirting with them and pretending to be a tourist. The others use the distraction to get the memory card of the camera. The team is able to search the data unnoticed in a place with satellite connection in the Haven. There is a conspicuous figure with a large belly presumably an ogre to be seen with the people with the black FBA. Finally Heavy's commlink rings and she is asked to a meeting with the Skaacha. Red, Heavy and Boombox make their way there. It is at the Haven on a ship - a lot of drug addicts are lying around there. Walter, Red's dog, gets a little nervous on the ship as he sniffs out traces of explosives. They are about to leave when they are approached by a lanky troll. He is their liaison to the Skaacha. He tells the runners that the Sons of Sauron are in possession of the explosives. Red convinces him to let them take out the Sons and then let KE take out the explosives from the orc underground so that everyone wins. He agrees and leads the runners to the lair of the Sons of Sauron. The Runners get into a heated skirmish with the Sons of Sauron. Missiles are fired. Fully automatic weapons are deafening to hear and a laser receives the scene. Boombox manages to shoot down a Son with his revolver before passing out himself. Heracles deals the blow, but is so badly wounded that he almost loses his life. The two Orcs of the team have to fix it and just manage to finish off the last Son of Sauron to save their comrades and make the show possible for KE.


  • The Skraacha are rid of the Sons of Sauron.
  • The Sons of Sauron cannot carry out an attack.
  • KE makes a big show that they have found the explosives.
  • Aztechnology and the David Cartel are very happy with the result.
  • The Sons of Sauron are pretty pissed off.


  • 18k (9 RVP) + 2k Negotiation Reward or 40k in 'ware, guns, armour
  • 6 Karma (6 RVP)
  • 2 CDP (0 RVP)
  • +10 Aztechnology Rep
  • +10 Ares Rep (Except Boombox)
  • +10 Skraacha Rep
  • +20 David Cartel Rep
  • -50 Sons of Sauron Rep


  • Boombox may buy off Wanted for 10 RVP
  • Red Flower counts as having an Ascension
  • Red Flower may take Redliner for 10 RVP
  • Heracles may take Tough as Nails for 5 RVP per level
  • Heavy Ordnance may take Spec Mods for 5 RVP
  • Heavy Ordnance may take Secondary Spec Mods for 5 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Red Flower

Oh yeah - I saved my favorite company's ass again. Those are my favorite runs. Heavy Ordnance is a really cool Ork. She stood pretty unimpressed in the hail of bullets and I like her cyberware. Hopefully we can work together again sometime soon.


Wow, we got to work with KE, in the OU against other Orcs and Trolls. I didnt get the whole picture. Sure boatload of exposives and stuf but yo know... i am not supposed to eat tat much lead for this little work i did. Hell im sure i could´ve handled them all just fine. Anyway. Got paid and only had to get shot at a lot. Nice reminder of how it feels like i guess.