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Matrix Musician
Talented and Famous on the 'Trix
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.August 6th, 2052
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


A digital Disk Jockey, a Matrix Musician, a computer composer, a pointcloud punk. Gregory is a decker who has been in both the light and the shadows through his life. By day, he's a network technician for Horizon, clocking in three days a week to keep things moving and secure and staying on-call for the occasional emergency where his talents can save the day. Or a few fragging nuyen, at least. When he's not serving the corporate control, he tucks himself away into the Matrix and dons the persona of BonusTrack, a wildly successful and talented musician and alleged Shadowrunner.


While on the surface, Greg's goals are mundane, selfish and petty, he truly does seek a humanitarian outcome from his actions.

Short Term:

  • Make it big(ger) on the Matrix music scene.
  • Get paid and paid well.
  • Upgrade the self through practice, study, and 'ware.
  • Solidify membership within JackPoint.

Long Term:

  • Utilize music to push a rebellion against the megacorps.
  • Build an entertainment line-up (primarily music) to deprogram corporate meatspace drones so that they can break the chains that hold them down.
  • Retire with dignity, grace, and extreme old age.


Born to Stephen and Amanda James, both entirely mundane human wageslaves in Horizon's entertainment division, Gregory had known little of hard times and of inequality. His parents weren't wealthy, but they made enough in their combined salary to afford a small apartment and to pay the taxes and keep their son relatively safe. As he grew and was molded by their creativity and the constant evolution of technology, Greg adopted the shiny chrome as well as the penchant for artistry, combining them into new and exciting ways through his youth. That is until he started applying his Out of the Box thinking to his schoolwork and was accused of cheating, breaking the rules, and causing problems. They weren't inaccurate claims. He'd taken to snooping on test questions and altering grades after the fact. He never aimed to be the top of the class, as he figured that would be too obvious, but he made his way well enough until he was caught and had his wrists slapped.

Following his schooling, Greg discovered that reality often left him disappointed. He couldn't truly be creative without anything he'd make becoming property of the Corp he was working for. Damned IP Agreement. He couldn't try to hack his way into a better position as, well, then he'd be caught by the positions he'd been hoping to reach. And, really, it was easier to live with only a few days needed for his profession. So he took to the Matrix on his downtime. He created a false identity, a persona. With the help of a fixer here and a gearhead there, he pulled together enough drek to disguise himself and to let his creativity find freedom. He found a place for his personal works. He found his home.

It took a few years, pulling small time shadow work here and there to fund his passion project, but he'd managed to make something of a name for his online persona. BonusTrack was making ripples. Those ripples became waves. Small side jobs became bigger, more lucrative jobs. Soon, data mining and playing a grey-hat hacker was his real profession and his day job just kept him from losing his SIN and his legal access to the world. He found that balance was needed and, if he really tried, he could leverage the dark and the light for personal gain. But personal gain was too simple. Too easy. He wanted to be like those brilliant bastards behind the return of Granny Sweetspell. He wanted to give people freedom, strength, knowledge. And to do that, he knew he'd have to become something more. It was time and he embraced it. Time to run in the shadows.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Corporate Limited SIN: Horizon

Gregory James is a filthy SINner. He was born to SINners and, unless something his work in the shadows catches up with him in a less fatal way, he will likely die a SINner. His wage slave lifestyle is tied to this fragging number, everything he's done, everything he's purchased, all of the work he's performed. At least, that is, everything legal and shiny. Should he get caught, captured, revealed, he will be very easy to identify and lock away.

Gregory's registered address is in a skinny area of Seattle, within the Horizon arcology. He is listed as a Network Technician and has licenses for his Cyberdeck, his programs, his 'ware, a forearm and a concealed carry permit.

Day Job: Network Technician

Working for the Man is something you don't just willingly do unless there's a reason. What better reason is there than to bring down the Man from inside? Sure, the Horizon logo on his jumpsuit can get him picked up as a target for outside runners who want to pluck a halfway decent technician from a mega, it also gets him stable spending money, a platform to pull info and keep an ear out for entertainment info before it happens.

Prime Datahaven Membership: JackPoint

Thanks to his early days of playing in the Matrix and learning the ins and outs of hidden, quarantined, and garbage files, BonusTrack has managed to provide enough data for free on the net to be extended an offer that he eagerly accepted. He's still new to JackPoint, still getting a handle on the handles and trying not to be starstruck by some of the biggest and baddest runners in the world all connecting and sharing for a common goal. His Online Fame might have helped him in getting his foot in the door, but he maintains the mindset of collecting and sharing accurate data so that other runners can do their best in breaking down the corporate chains that keep us all confined.

Online Fame

The Persona known as BonusTrack has made something of a splash for himself over the past few years. Initially, he was little more than an up and coming SoundCloud mixer, jamming samples and songs together. Over time, with inspiration and experience and the useful ties that Horizon can provide, even if they're extremely binding, BonusTrack has evolved to become a constant member of top 100 charts for underground musicians. Nobody knows the man behind the mask and, truly, nobody seems to care so far. He is happy to continue being the mystery that makes moving music to inspire and incite rebellion against the megacorp overlords.

Run History

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Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Mr Incognito 2 3 Fixer Fixer Matrix-Based, Renton Local, Krime Even
Catch-22 5 2 Gear Electronics and Software dealer Electronics Dealer, Triad Networker, Hacker, Comms dealer, Pirated Software, Bootleg Drones Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
JackPoint Probationary Member 3 1 Shadowrunner Datahaven Maintaining Seattle



In Character Information

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Matrix Persona

In the Matrix, Greg takes on his musical moniker of BonusTrack. This figure in the digital Sprawl is oddly nondescript. Humanoid, vibrant green, and faceless. There are the tell tale signs of masculinity, the square jaw and the broad shoulders. He's clad in neo-retro punk wear. The open leather jacket with spiked shoulders, the too-tight pants with the studded belt, shitkickers that are so worn that the soles at the toes flop down and seem to talk with every step.

While the clothes and accessories may change in shape and color and design, always doing his best to stay fashionable and close to the genre of music he plays, BonusTrack of immediately recognizable as an anonymous figure. That exact shade of green takes some work to find and maintain through all the different kinds of lighting found in hosts. The ridge of his brow, the shape of his cheekbones, the hooked nose. And the fact that there's almost always a sticker on his chest that reads 'Hi! My name is' and is scribbled over with the same shade of green with 'BonusTrack' in a wild scrawl.

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