Boom Poom's First Initiation

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Boom Poom's First Initiation
LocationWoods of Snohomish
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Mentor Spirit: Lion
Drug production ring
Boom Poom
Casualties and losses
Their entire compound and about half a dozen reprobates


Boom Poom's mentor has a brilliant idea, sends him to go and harass some people making drugs so that they stop making drugs. Permanently. There may or may not have been a forest fire as a result.


Boom Poom has been having a small identity crisis about the fact he is not only a man but also a puma. Lion decides to give BP a kick up the ass and tells him to get his crap together, being a puma-man does not make him weak, and he can prove it.

The Meet

Lion has absolutely 0 sense of good timing, appearing when BP was in the middle of a nice cycle ride. He explains the deal to Boomie and sends him off towards Snohomish to go deal.

The Plan

Hahahahahahaha, no. This was not a thing that occurred.

The Run

Boom Poom got off his bike and snuck over in the general direction of the camp. Unfortunately his approach was downwind of the camp, so the acrid smell of chemicals and drugs was highly unpleasant on his nose. He took some drugs to help counter this, and when he was within visual range of the camp cast gecko climb to ascend one of the many trees and get a better look at the place.

Initial scouting revealed a number of vats with various chemicals boiling in them, and one that was sealed but not currently being heated. Half a dozen individuals stand around these vats, working away at them busily producing drugs. They are all, unsurprisingly, armed. There's also a large steel watchtower that appears to have been made by someone with 0 actual training, but a hell of a will to use a welder. Somehow it still stands.

Boom sneaks around the camp to the bottom of the watchtower, where he spots cameras poking out of holes in the tower. He weaves illusion magic to hide himself from the cameras and then scales the tower. As he passes a camera, he realises they're hooked up to explosives, which would cause the panel (and climber) to be flung out into the woodland. Thankfully the cameras did not, in fact, see through the disguise, so he was able to climb the tower and cause the watchman to catch a case of the night night juice.

He took a gamble on the sealed vat that heating it up with a fireball would cause whatever was inside to boil and cause an explosion. Unfortunately the fireball was insufficient for this task, and this gave away his position to the drug makers below. They blew the explosives in the tower, bringing it and him down to ground level. Sadly for the entrepreneurs, this did not kill the puma-man, who returned fire with a combination of gravity wells and fireballs until sadly they ceased attempting to shoot at him. The downside to using this number of fireballs in the middle of the woods in Snohomish? A forest fire has started to spread, and he doesn't have any way to deal with it. He has only one options, giving it legs.


The fire service were called to deal with the resulting forest fire before it burned down a large portion of Snohomish. The members of the ring that survived were taken into custody and will probably be waking up in jail.

Boom Poom also had a good night's sleep for the first time in a while.


  • 11 Karma
  • Initiation Discount

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