Bring The Fire

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Bring The Fire
LocationDowntown, Shiawase Office
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Shiawase
Bwyell Waedlyd Site Security Head
Site Security


Bwyell Waedlyd has a bit of a falling out with Stag, which is fine, since she's picked up by Fire-Bringer. Also she almost dies.


Shiawase R&D has developed an inexpensive low-scale power plant that neighborhood communes could set up, but they deemed the research not profitable.

The Meet

Bwyell Waedlyd gets a package delivered from an TerraFirst! contact that includes a commlink and its battery with nothing else. She plugs in the battery and calls the one number on the phone to get an old TerraFirst! contact, who tells her about a new type of efficient neighborhood-scale power plant that Shiawase developed that could be used to help numerous people... but Shiawase determined it wasn't profitable so they squashed the research. Another team is going to be doing a tail-chaser on the site, while Bwyell Waedlyd is to get in and steal the plans.

The Plan


The Run

Bwyell Waedlyd arrives at the site and watches the other team hit the front of the building. Shiawase security is scattered, and she walks in like she belongs there. She only makes it to the stairwell though before security attempts to stop her (with bullets). She hasn't activated her preparations yet, so she's unable to take them out in melee, so she resorts to her spells. After melting a couple of goons she heads up the stairs to the second level and makes it to the vault with the data chips in it. She's hacking her way through the vault door (with her axes) when the site security head attacks her with a nodachi! Bwyell Waedlyd grabs the data chip as fast as she can, and despite being very tempted to stay and fight she knows she has to get out of there quickly in order to get the plans to everyone else. Besides... the site security head is more than a match for Bwyell Waedlyd. She manages to escape (barely), but needs significant medical care. Fortunately the street doc gives her a discount due to her connections to TerraFirst!


Bwyell Waedlyd loses the favor of Stag, but gains the favor of Fire-Bringer.


  • Buy off Mentor, Rebuy (10RVP)
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 CDP

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