Bug Sauce

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Bug Sauce
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Chetler's Hot Sauce
Carbon Character1
Casualties and losses
Chet Chetler, 8 insect spirits, unnamed insect shaman


Carbon is poisoned with insect venom laden hot sauce and seeks revenge.


The Meet

While enjoying a stuffer shack hot dog with a heaping portion of Chet Chetler's hot sauce, Carbon is contacted by her fixer who informs her there's a bounty on Chet Chetler for lacing his hot sauce with insect venom.

The Plan

No plan is formed. Carbon gets her stomach pumped and then breaks into the factory.

The Run

Carbon scouts out the factory and notices a suspicious door labeled "Entry Forbidden." With that as her target she sneaks her way through the factory, picks the lock, and enters the room where she is immediately spotted by about 8 insect spirits and Chet Chetler. A tense battle ensues, in which Carbon brutally slaughters Chet Chetler and his insectoid cohorts while a mage attempts to stop her from afar and very nearly succeeds. Carbon eventually catches onto the mage's tricks and outsmarts her, shifting the battle in her favor and escapes. While making her escape she hears the sound of a pair of boots on pavement and quickly confronts the source, a woman who claims not to be able to speak. Carbon, only having heard the shaman's voice, attempts to verify if the individual is the shaman in question and fires a narcoject bolt. The shaman dodges the bolt, confirming Carbon's suspicion and is promptly bisected.


Chet Chetler and his cohorts have been eliminated, the fine city of Seattle can rest easy knowing that their hot sauces are no longer poisoned with bug venom.


20k nuyen - 10 RVP

10 karma - 10 RVP

2 CDP - 1 RVP

Prime Datahaven Membership - 7 RVP

Sense of Direction - 3 RVP

Mundane Ascension for Carbon



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