Building buries 15 citizens on St. Nicholas Day

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KE News Bulletin

Date: 2083-12-06 By: KE Spokesperson Samantha Burnett

Breaking news

On this tragic evening, the lives of 15 Tacoma residents including children were tragically ended when a building collapsed on top of them. But it was not the lack of proper building materials or a design flaw that caused the building to collapse but the action of five criminal individuals who brought about this tragedy through their criminal actions on this peaceful December 6th Nicolaus Day.

Images of a scene in Tacoma are shown. Next to a burning vehicle stand 3 heavily armed people in FBA. One can guess that one person is lying in the vehicle. Another massive figure in FBA runs towards a building and hits it with full force. The building collapses in itself in the rubble can be seen partly corpses. Some parts of the shots are blurred.

The forensic analysis of KE was able to identify two of the perpetrators. On the one hand, it is the serious criminal and already wanted by several organizations for a bounty of about 5 million Nuyen Frag Face. On the other hand, Dryad Marionette, known in Seattle. KE offers a reward for relevant information that can lead to the capture of the two. Furthermore a bounty of 25,000 Nuyen is raised by KE for both. Alive for Marionette. In whatever state for Frag Face. May these criminals have no more quiet minutes in Seattle.

Pictures of the two criminals are shown.

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