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LocationMountain range near Seattle, a forgotten park.
Factions Involved
Spirit of Renraku Sararimen
Large Unknown Spirit


Windsong and Crone are contacted by Turul, who calls in a favor, to help him sort out personal problems. They gather magical stone slabs, perform a ritual in the mountains, help Turul fight off ghosts from his past, evade a giant spirit, and return to Seattle.


Ever since he got knocked out during practice run, Turul had problems sleeping. Nightmares from his past, strange shadows in the corner of his vision, and hallucinations when awake. When he finally saw a chance to fix this, he called in a favor. As it just so happens W!indsong owed him for when she needed a place to hunker down during the time the Solace was attacked.

The Meet

After another hallucination while cleaning the Dojo, Turul went out for a walk, and on one of the corners near the Dojo he met a strange old man who Introduced himself as Jay. After a brief chat, he offered a solution for the young runner's problem. Two stone slabs, weighing 100 kg each, must be found in the mountain range east of Seattle and brought to a ley-line intersection during a half-moon. To aid Turul, Jay offered a bag of deepweed so that he can see into the Astral. Not being the kind of guy who'd take a bag of drugs from an old hobo looking guy at the corner, Turul made an exception, since he was all out of ideas. He called up W!indsong and Crone to meet him for aid.

The Plan

There was no plan. The highly spiritual run consisted of three individuals who had very little to no magical training. Two Riggers, one mundane, and a Punk street adept, with no prior spiritual experience worth mentioning

The Run

W!indsong picked up Turul, and thanks to the off road capabilities of the riggers car, they quickly took to the mountains. The first stone was easily found but only after they both consumed some deepweed. Turul, to be able to see into astral, while Windsong, because Turul offered up a puff. After they put the stone into the car, they drove to the second stone where they met up with Crone, who was delayed because some biker gangers gave chase and she had to shake them off first. The Second stone was found on a cliff side. Lifting equipment was improvised to haul it from the dangerous area and into the car. When they reached the destination for the ritual, the stones activated from being close to each other, and three spirits from Turulls past materialized. He tried to make peace with them but the spirits want to fight. After the battle, he meditates on what happened, and is ready to head back after that when he spots a strange creature that has been following them for some time now. The creature becomes hostile and a high speed off-road chase ensues. Realizing that the reason this is happening is because the two stones are close together, they kick one out from the car and drive off safely. They put the second stone at an appropriate spot and return to Seattle.


Jay is mad because he expected the young adept to single-handedly take the stones to the ritual place over the course of a month and to meditate on it while performing the ritual, not to ride past all that in style, but Turul expressed his lack of knowledge on the subject and felt this should have been mentioned. Jay seemed to accept the outcome and they parted ways.

After sleeping peacefully for the first time in a while, Turul borrowed a tent, some hiking equipment, and returned to the mountains for a few days. He put the first stone back to a proper place and heeded the old mans words, meditating in the wilderness.


10 karma, 1 dime of deepweed Successful initiation of Turul to Rank 1

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Man, Astral is weird. I still need to wrap my head around it. Maybe a few days camping are for the better. One thing is for sure. Deepweed is not for me.


Driving up the side of the mountain was amazingly fun! Those spirits were fun to fight, too. :)


Trust me when I say, never trust drugs you get for free. They don't do what they are advertised to do, and leave you with a headache that lasts for half a day.