Caged Wolf

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Caged Wolf
LocationDowntown Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Chromed Hawks
Nita "Bear"
Chesnu "Rough" Zamora


The team was hired by LoneStar to transport a high priority prisoner from a medium security prison to a high security prison, in Downtown Seattle.


LoneStar captured the current leader of the Chromed Hawks, NeeHeeoeewootis, otherwise known as "High Backed Wolf." Not realizing the threat he represented, they put him into a medium security prison. After an incident, they realized they needed to transport him to another facility. Understaffed, an executive reached out to the haven to request specialists.

The Meet

The meet took place at a bar between Snohomish, Redmond, and Downtown. There the team met a man in a ballistic mask, who explained what the job was, to transport the priority prisoner "High Backed Wolf" to a more secure facility.

The Plan

The plan was simple, take a route through the less police filled streets, and get the prisoner to the facility without running into Knight Errant.

The Run

After the meet ended, the Johnson left in a VTOL, and the team did research on "High Backed Wolf" learning that he was the leader of the Chromed Hawks, a position he succeeded after his brother died in a motorcycle accident, as well as who his lieutenants were, Bear and Rough. After devising a route that would keep them out of the eyes of KE, they made their preparations and arrived at the prison. After meeting with the LoneStar Sergeant, and him critiquing Hydro for being so short, he turned of "High Backed Wolf" to the runners, and they left to complete the objective.

The drive to the southern facility was relatively uneventful, until Crone noticed a road strip in front of them. She used a car as a ramp in order to jump the strip. With the ambush less than successful, the Chromed Hawks raced out of the alley, only to be put under heavy suppressive fire, and stopped nearly in their tracks as Crone sped away from the group, escaping in only a few seconds.


None of the Chromed Wolves were injured, but their pride was definitely hit hard, "High Backed Wolf" was transferred to a more secure facility.


20k nuyen

3 karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I do feel bad for the guy, and I feel dirty working for Lone Star. This Wolf's crew weren't very skilled, however, and we easily escaped them.


Another run, another new face. Met this Kost, and I ended up with Hydro and Crone again. Not much to say, aside from where did the J hide that VTOL? Wonder if the gang's going to attempt to break the guy out.


Feels weird working for the law, even weirder working for cops, and downright fragged up that it was Lone Star, but they paid. All I have to say is, I'm short, but I'm real tough.