Calm Seas Ahead

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Calm Seas Ahead
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Vibing Mantis, rated 5 stars on astral yelp, most chill spirit bodyguard
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Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Humanity
Vibing Mantis
Polluted Water
Trawler Wrecks
Casualties and losses
Doris' hate for trawlers


Doris is pulled into the metaplanes to be confronted by an entity (possibly the Goddess and/or Sea) about her loss of hope in peaceful environmental action and her history of sinking ships out of spite.


Prior to arriving in Seattle to start her running career, Doris worked for the environmentalist branch of the Huk in the Philippines and helped sink many fishing vessels with the aid of summoned spirits.

The Run

Doris woke up in her houseboat to the overwhelmingly uncomfortable feeling of being watched. She ran out onto the pier and found that watcher spirits or some other phenomena were coming up out of the Tacoma Harbor, then jumped into the water to investigate. She found herself in complete darkness and in uncharacteristically warm water, then followed a light and eventually surfaced off the coast of Guam.

Highly suspicious that she was forced onto the metaplanes and expecting trouble ahead, Doris called upon a very large mantis shrimp [1] (hereby known as "Vibing Mantis") to act as her bodyguard while she tried to ascertain why she had been summoned. She climbed out of the ocean and desperately avoided going into the jungle, eventually deciding to wander in the direction of Tumon. The entire island was abandoned and all signage had been wiped away as if by high pressure spray. After failing to get a response by standing in an intersection and yelling for an audience, she headed towards the windward side and discovered the ocean to be covered in garbage.

Remembering from her studies that the metaplanes don't always follow the same rules as the material plane, Doris wove a Clean Water spell in an attempt to see how the ocean responded. The garbage patch cleared out and the island began to shrink and sink, with a large number of interested entities coming up to watch Doris. Put on the spot, Doris nervously addressed the crowd and apologized for interrupting their day before being sucked back down into the lightless depths.

After cleaning up another garbage patch in the deep ocean, Doris was met by three shadowy figures who confronted her about the vessels she had sunk, noting that the pollution this caused was not acceptable. Doris apologized profusely to who she assumed was the Goddess before having to avoid a fleet of sinking ships. She is eventually washed back up on the shores of Guam next to a bridge composed of beached, rusting vessels.

Finding it easier and easier to cast Clean Water, Doris followed the bridge of shipwrecks, cleaning as she went and talking to her water spirit escort, who was quite nonjudgmental and chill with regard to her past transgressions. She eventually finds herself in an arena constructed of shipwrecks, where she discovered an un-SURGEd, oil-covered copy of herself, which she promptly cleansed.

Doris woke up on her houseboat again and immediately bolted for the pier, where she found a half-flooded, destroyed Seattle on one side, and calm seas on the other. She spoke to her grandfather, who reminded her that the sea was a host of life and was not intended to destroy.

Doris woke up on her houseboat a second time and was greeted by an especially creepy octopus mask at the foot of her bed. She was compelled to put it on.


Doris woke up a third time, finally actually on the material plane, and ran out onto the pier to find the seas to be calm and the Tacoma Harbor water to be crystal clear. She jumped in the water and experienced a welcoming sensation, but scrambled back onto the pier to escape the chilly Pacific Northwest water.


  • 8 karma
  • Can purchase Mentor's Mask and Spirit Affinity at chargen price
  • Initiation Ordeal requirements met
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Okay, that was a quite the intervention. I guess I'm glad they stopped me before I actually got around to stockpiling explosives and dealing with the local trawlers... I didn't really expect the rules to be so strict, but they were right. I need to not give up hope in what I'm doing and do no harm! ... At least while at sea. Violence on land is still fine, right? I think I remember that being part of the compromise.