Chaos Grips Seattle During Brackhaven's Final Hours as Governor

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By Muto Tsuyoshi, NeoNet Post

Posted on 2078-09-08 at 03:14:23 UTC

Seattle ground to a halt as the now former governor of Seattle abused his powers to prevent Acting District Attorney Dana Oaks from investigating the disappearance of former press secretary Edmund Jefferies. Sources say that current Cheif of Staff Emile Corrigan agreed to be interviewed by Environmental and Astral Protection Agency investigators on San Juan Island regarding observed violations on the island. During the investigation, Emile Corrigan admitted to various crimes allegedly committed by the Brackhven administration. During this interview, known Shadowrunners Hammerhead and Bulldawg along with other associates attacked the island, forcing the investigators to have DEA transport them away on a boat. During the attack, the Shadowrunners stole a VTOL and attacked the island with military grade rockets, resulting in 41 deaths and blowing up the island's radar dish. Mr. Corrigan was injured in the attack.

Upon learning Emile Corrigan was working with the acting DA, Brackhaven ordered a complete lockdown of Seattle with checkpoints to inspect every car, truck, bus and aircraft coming into Seattle. This action caused delays of up to five hours entering Seattle and causing several flights to be diverted from SEA-TAC. During this lockdown, the investigators were pulled over but Knight Errant was overwhelmed with the task of inspecting everything and failed to learn that Mr. Corrigan was in the care of the DA's agents. The investigators went to the DA's office for safety with Knight Errant pre occupied with the former governor's self-severing task, twelve non-state actors attack the investigators, the DA and her Knight Arrent guards. A brutal fight was commenced, but through the bravery of the law enforcement agents on the scene, the DA and investigators survived. However, two officers - Micheal Pittman(26) and Frauke Schmitt(35) - were killed. NeoNet's deployed security agents in order to protect the investigator and to ensure law and order in Seattle.

With Corrigan's testimony, Brackhaven was forced to resign in a deal with the Arch-conservative party. In this deal, Deputy Government Juliet Farmer pardoned Brackhaven and released a statement urging Seattle return to normalcy. Protests erupted at this news, with demands of justice and calls to investigate the Arch-conservative party. Downtown Seattle was filled with burning cars, smashed windows and riot police shooting tear gas into crowds. The Republican, Technocratic, New Century, Democrat, Socialist Parties have all condemned the Arch-Conservative Party of this display of apparent corruption. Micheal Pittman and Frauke Schmitt earned the Seattle Law Enforcement Combat Cross and Medal for Valor post-humorously. Special Investigators Donnie Goto, Carl Penn Freefall, Basil Harrington, Raymond Freeman, Brock Mann and Vera Fyodorov earned the Exceptional Merit metal and the Seattle Law Enforcement Combat Cross. Hammerhead and Bulldawg along with other associates are still at large and dangerous.