Charity Executive Dies in Freak Golfing Accident

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Horizon News Network


Date: 2081-4-3

Tragedy struck on the Snohomish Golf Club's green today. Patrick Stone, CFO of The Benevolence for Veterans Fund was killed in a freak accident, while golfing with a client.
A rogue golf ball from another hole struck Stone in the head. Mr. Harrison, Stone's bodyguard, and Mr. Kaunan, Stone's client, did their best to save Stone, but the DocWagon response team pronounced him dead at the scene due to accidental cranial trauma.

Knight Errant detectives have undergone a investigation into the high-velocity golf ball, and report that an augmented troll two holes away was most likely the cause, as they lost a ball due to the impressive power of his Ares Macrotechnology TrollSwinger Golfing Suite (Available at all leading Cybertechnology Salons. Ares Macrotechnology - Making the World a Safer Place). Patrick Stone's estate is not pressing any charges.

Witnesses had this to say about this terrible incident:

Brian Davis

So, I was just here looking out for my boss- He was showing off for Mr. Stone (God Rest him), so nobody was really looking. Suddenly, Mr. Stone (God rest him) is on the ground, and there's blood everywhere, and screaming, I thought that we were under attack! The other guards and I swept the area, but it seems that it was a rogue golf ball? Mr. Stone's (God rest him) bodyguard did an exemplary job attempting to rescue the man, his first aid was top-notch.
Morgan Kaunan

Jeez, That is ''not'' the way a business meeting is supposed to go. We'd just had an excellent lunch and the golf was going great, when suddenly this happens. It's a real tragedy, and my heart goes out to the spectacular work of the DocWagon response team, the Knight Errant team, and the exemplary action of the Snohomish Golf Club's staff.

Mr. Stone had been in the middle of negotiating a significant deal with the Kaunan family, and their regional representative issued the following statement:

Erika Kaunan, CEO of Kaunan TransAtlantic

This deal with Mr. Stone is a terrible tragedy, and we hope that everybody involved recovers. As for the Kaunan-BVF donation, We will take a break from negotiations for a brief period of respect, before re-engaging deals to support the fund.

The Benevolence for Veterans Fund also issued a statement:

Jenny Hanniver, PRR for the BVF

It's a great tragedy, Patrick was greatly loved here at the BVF. This is the second tragedy we've had this week, so we at the BVF are in mourning. Our aid for veterans will not be interrupted of course, we'd hate for our personal tragedies to affect those that need our aid.

The other tragedy she mentioned was one Will Anderson, a Case Manager for the BVF, who was killed in a home invasion gone wrong.

Patrick Stone had no family, so his Will states that his Estate is to be applied for the benefit of the Benevolence for Veterans Fund.

The funeral will be on Monday. Private Service.

We will provide you with more information as this news story develops. This has been Horizon News Network. We know what you think.

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Hi there, this is FirstOnTheScene, on the scene at the Snohomish Golf Club. Patrick Stone, CFO of The Benevolence for Veterans Fund, was just 'accidentally' killed with a golf ball.

Horizon is taking the line of this being an accident, but to anyone familiar with the shadows, the fact that two people from the company died in 'accidental' circumstances within two days suggests runners.

So here's a round of applause to a surprisingly tidy kill, and an interesting method of murder. Not many runners can get away with executing an exec in public, in broad daylight, in front of his bodyguards.