Chip Unset

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Chip Unset
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon
Security Corp
Chipset Ground Drone 1 - 6
Corp Security Spider
Casualties and losses
Chipset went unconscious (Rescued) One ground drone shot down
Chipset has been knocked unconscious from a hail of Stick-n-Shock bullets, but has been rescued by Geoff Montgomery by dragging him back to his minivan.


A simple Grab and Run type of mission. Things go downhill once the decker's luck runs out.


Chipset has been repairing commlinks and closing in for a break, until his fixer, Moria, has called in for a job. Without hesitation, he left his apartment to drive off to Puyallup, which thanks to low traffic at around 12pm, manages to arrive on time.

The Meet

The meet happens in one of the communal blocks in Puyallup, in a spot by a deserted light. There he finds now a familiar Johnson, Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon. The raccoon says he is looking for a thing with buttons in the warehouse, and that Chipset would use his thing with imaginary buttons (a deck) to disable the security systems. On a provided commlink there is a location of the warehouse in question.

The Plan

The plan was to scout the area, looking for physical security, before entering the Matrix host and disabling said security systems to give a time for Geoff to steal.

The Run

Chipset drove in near the mission area, to a generic warehouse site, then went to scout near the perimeter area undetected. After that, he came back to his vehicle and jacked in to the Matrix and entered the host. Said host looked like a low-poly version of a physical place, with icons of cameras and drones seeded around. Through matrix perception Chipset spotted a hidden nested host, looking like a safe. Though better defended, he got in. In the security room, he saw a spider chilling about by the workstation full of screens. Chipset successfully put a mark on him, then spoofed a command to loop the camera feeds. On the other side there was a RCC hanging on the wall not controlled by anyone. After a bit of struggle, the RCC has been marked.

And this is where the edge runs out; The RCC refused twice to spoof the command, marking the decker in place. Seeing on a Baby Monitor that Chipset is nearing convergence, he reboots the deck and enters the main host again, only to be stopped short at gaining access to the nested host. Another reboot, another attempt resulted in the same state, at which Chipset gives up and leaves Matrix.

The decker finds a hidden spot on a scaffolding of one of the nearby buildings, and fires an aimed shot from his heavy crossbow with a SnSSS bolt, taking down the drone in a single shot. At this time Geoff runs into the warehouse, taking advantage of the distracted drones. These drones go towards the source of the shot and fire a hail of SnS bullets in return, knocking Chipset out hiding behind the cover.


About 5 minutes later, Chipset briefly regains consciousness, seeing that Geoff is driving his minivan with AR feed to see the road ahead, since he was too small to look out of the dashboard. The run was a success, and the raccoon offers him the better deck as a reward later on.


Mundane Ascension (5 RVP), 7 Karma (7 RVP), 2 CDP

Optional, taking from above rewards: Shoot First, Don't Ask (2 RVP), Tough As Nails (Stun) (5 RVP)

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