Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 1

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Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 1
LocationBellevue, Downtown
Result Cobra unlocks the first part of her memories
Factions Involved
Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)


Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)'s first Amnesia run


The run took place in her resturant - Noodle's Noodles


The events took place at Noodle's Noodles at closing time. Her assistant had already left for the night to go home and spend time doing whatever it was he did, as Cobra never really bothered to pry to much in his personal life. However upon leaving and saying the weather was like a snowstorm out there, it triggered a series of events for Cobra, some confusing, some bad, and some horrible. After learning of the events she went to Ashe, telling her of what happened and asking her to help her look into matters...


Cobra started to gain insight about her past, and as such went out to get assistance from trusted individuals.



Cobra layed in bed, it was about three in the morning, she couldn't quite sleep. A blank AR document hovered in front of her in the matrix, an AR glove on hand as she tried to think of what to type down. "I might as well put my thoughts down. If anything it might help me organize my thoughts and....Should I forget again, I should be able to rely on this to have me remember...I'm not exactly sure how this will help at the very moment. All I've had where glimpses, from an apartment fire where I was supposedly screaming for my mother...To sparing with a Japanese woman whom I felt like I respected. To...Being in a warzone, during a snow storm hearing names that I've never heard yet sounded familiar...Julian and Antonio....I'll...I'll have to get some help figuring this out tomorrow. I'll also have to give Ashe a call and tell her what happened."