Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 2

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Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 2
LocationBellevue, Downtown
Result Cobra unlocks more of her memories
Factions Involved
Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)


Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)'s second Amnesia run


Ashe met with Cobra at her noodle shop, Noodle's Noodles in Northern Bellevue, to share her recent findings regarding Cobra's memories.


While closing her noodle shop, Cobra experiences a flashback of a war zone, with herself and her unit under sniper fire. Ashe arrives at the noodle shop in time to see Cobra recovering from her experience. Ashe presented Cobra with the memorial MeFeed account she had found while searching for information about the Sensei seen in one of Cobra's previous visions, as well as the information that the vision had taken place in Toronto. Upon hearing this, and seeing the news of her recent death, Cobra experienced flashbacks revealing glimpses of time spent with the woman and her significance to Cobra, as well as a flashback of Cobra attending her Sensei's funeral and her foster parents not showing proper respect to the deceased. After this vision passed, Ashe told Cobra that she had also learned which HTR unit she had been affiliated with, Raven Security Ltd. This triggered another flashback for Cobra, who remembered more of her time spent with the unit, and its leader, Julian Lynch, who used to be her lover. A quick matrix search for Julian Lynch revealed him to be an Ares citizen and former member or Knight Errant HTR. He left KE a few years ago, and died 10 months ago. This information triggered Cobra's final flashback, in which she saw herself in another combat zone, being dragged away from Julian's body as a mana storm churned in the distance.


Cobra unlocked more of her memories, gaining new insight into her past and discovering more potential leads, and Ashe grows concerned for Cobra.




After her run in with Cobra at the Daze, where Cobra showed her recent visions and flashbacks of her lost memory, Ashe had been researching every lead she could find, Oracle's voice ever in the back of her mind. She was able to discover the identity of the Sensei from one vision, as well as her fate and the city she lived in. She was also able to discover the company that fielded the armor Cobra had seen herself wearing in another flashback.

Ashe decided to deliver the news to Cobra in person, driving to her noodle shop before opening. As Ashe got out of the car, a self satisfied look on her face, Ashe saw Cobra hurry out of her shop in a panic, shouting 'Grenade!' Ashe took cover behind her car and looked around trying to find the grenade. After several seconds without a detonation, Ashe emerged to find Cobra looking confused and embarrassed while a crowd jeered at her. Ashe caught up with Cobra as she began slithering towards her own car. After determining that Cobra was okay and that there was no threat, Ashe told Cobra that she had found information about Cobra's memories, and Cobra invited her inside.

Ashe showed Cobra the MeFeed account of Yoshino Aratini, the Sensei that Cobra had sparred with in one of her visions. The account had been turned into a memorial as of Ms. Aratani's death five years ago. Upon seeing the account, and the description of her funeral, Cobra's expression went placid. Ashe was unsure what was happening until she heard Cobra mutter 'Don't they have any respect?!' in a sharp tone under her breath. Ashe scanned the MeFeed account again, she hadn't seen anything disrespectful, had she said something that offended Cobra? She asked Cobra what she meant, and Cobra seemed startled, as if roused from a dream. Ashe listened as Cobra described a fresh vision, first a series of glimpses of the time Cobra spent with Ms. Aratani, and then a vision of Cobra attending her funeral. From the description Cobra provided, Ashe got the impression that she was a kind, caring woman. During her vision of the funeral, Cobra saw her foster parents, who were showing disrespect to the deceased. Ashe put a hand on Cobra's shoulder and expressed her sympathies, as well as making note that Cobra attending that funeral definitively placed her in Toronto five years ago.

After a while, Ashe told Cobra that she had also identified the HTR company Cobra had worked for. The colors on the uniform she had seen were unique to a small, CAS based security company called Raven Security Ltd. As Ashe described the company, including their last job, Cobra suddenly objected without knowing why, insisting that it had not been the company's final assignment. Cobra suddenly developed a headache, and Ashe went to the noodle shop's kitchen to make some tea for Cobra. When Ashe returned, Cobra looked as if she were in another dream. Once roused from it, Cobra asked if Ashe could find more information about a member of Raven Security Ltd. named Julian Lynch.

After a quick matrix search following up on the matrix sites and data she'd previously found on the company, Ashe discovered that he was a former KE HTR member who left after two years. Ashe presumed he left to found Raven Security Ltd. She also discovered that he had died 10 months ago, in the Salish Sidhe Council, though no record of a conflict could be found. As Ashe relayed her findings, she saw Cobra enter another vision, this time flailing about violently. Ashe immediately tried to restrain Cobra to prevent her from hurting herself. It took all of Ashe's strength just to hold on and keep her steady. Ashe ducked as Cobra's tail flicked out and sent a table clattering across the floor. Eventually, Cobra returned to her senses, and described a vision of Julian's death, a comrade dragging a wounded Cobra away from his body, and a mana storm churning in the distance.