Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 3

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Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 3
LocationToronto, UCAS
Result Cobra unlocks more of her memories
Factions Involved
Cobra (Carrier Oriskany), Ashe


Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)'s third Amnesia run


Ashe met with cobra after a comcall. She had been trying to think more about her past and as such asked the one person she trusted with this knowledge to assist her in finding out more in her hometown.


Cobra was in the midts of going home. It had become a long and stressful day. Her mind constantly thinking about her past. To the point it was almost painful, her head throbbing and pounding at each time she tried to bring herself to remember. It was at that point that she could take no more and decided to call up Ashe, saying that she planned to buy herself a two way ticket to Toronto and back, and wanted to see if she would come with. With Ashe agreeing the left and made way to the aiport the next day. Once they started to leave she started to forget again. She knew where she was going, and knew it was her idea but, all her past memories they just...Seemed to vanish.

The flight went on without a hitch and something started to tug at Cobra, that familiar tug of her mentor spirit. It seemed to be wanted to direct itself to Ashe for some reason, as she started to get midly more agressive and irritable. A quick spat was exchaged but she was able to compose herself not to lash out in a public setting and made way to the hotel, where upon arriving to the room she blacked out.

The rest of the run takes place within Cobra's mind as she comes face to face with her mentor spirit, having a discussion about why things where going the way they did, and how her mentor spirit hid away her memories so they wouldn't take over what the mentor spirit tried to bring cobra to do. Upon waking her memories came back to her, and Cobra and Ashe decided to take the day in Toronto to visit Cobra's places she went to in the past to, kick up new memories and to spend time together after the argument the day before.


Cobra decides to take initiative, asking Ashe to come join her on her trek to Toronto to try and figure out more about her past. After an inner struggle with her mentor spirit she know knows the majority about her past save from a few details, and more importantly, why she became what she is.



Log three....You know it's been a while from the last two entries of mine.. Even if I've scrapped the second..So much has happened in so little time. I couldn't of done this without Ashe, what with her networking skils and the people she knows, without her I'd still be stumped without knowing who or what I am. When we got onto the aircraft to leave, I told Ashe I started to forget memories...At the beginning we just assumed the high altitudes where just messing with my mana flow and just temporarily changing my memories..It was just once we landed did I forget everything for a while. Toronto, my home city...Felt so distant, like I've never been there before. And when we got off the plane Shark kept saying that Ashe never exactly cared about me myself and only wanted to know for her own twisted pleasures...I don't exact know what happened next, only that I got more aggressive to Ashe. Thankfully not enough to strike her but, ghost i don't exactly want to do that again.

What came next I don't know what to describe, I came face to face with my mentor...In a dream mind you but, apparently he was the reason I was forgetting, he managed to shove my memories under a rug so I wouldn't unearth them, so I could follow his wishes more...Claiming I was to week before, and I was too weak now. I assured him that wasn't the case, he didn't want any of it but, after striking a deal he gave at least most of my memories back....We still have a long day ahead tomorrow, me and Ashe. The bed is a little small...Smaller than mine but I'll manage, if anything not to unearth memories that I already know...It'll at least be a nice date just the two of us now that well, the plans we where going to do here are no longer going to need to happen thanks to Shark. I'll try and keep this journal updated a little more frequent now in case I start forgetting again but, I don't think I'll see that happening anytime soon. This has been my third log, Diana Vergara......Signing out.