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GMmitsayantan (Dusk)

No one got infected or had to burn edge so Yay?!

Vydra realized he's not, in fact, casually immortal or unbreakable and now he'll be training hard or getting more ware.
Factions Involved
Rogatty Vydra
Frau Reiher
Commanders and leaders
Evo Proteus AG
Dr. Otto Von Buren
Units involved
4 cyberized assault rifle corpsec, 4 cyberized shotgun corpsec, 1 cyberized orc captain, 1 HMG auto-turret, 12 loup-garou/harvesters on narco-kami, 1 cyberzombie troll on kamikaze and skillwires, 3 sharks with frickin laser beams.
Casualties and losses
4 cyberized assault rifle mercs, 4 cyberized shotgun mercs, 1 cyberized orc captain, 1 HMG auto-turret (The Baby), 12 loup-garou/harvesters on narco-kami, 1 cyberzombie troll on kamikaze and skillwires. 3 sharks with frickin laser beams.


Proteus AG was performing some very shady infected and augmented biodrone research on HMHVV II lupus breeds, planning to use them as shock troops. The AA corp runs a mobile blacksite research base named RV Darwin where Dr. Otto Von Buren, a gifted by mad scientist leads the project. EVO wanted to get their hands on this chimeric infected genome research as well as Von Buren himself for their personal gain and thus hires runners to do the dirty deed.


The meet took place at club Penumbra at evening. The Johnson was a masked catgirl with a seductive tone of voice and synthetic cyberlimbs.


The team was dropped into the middle of the Pacific ocean via a VTOL and following that an airdrop. Landing at visual range from the ship the team was assaulted by biodrone sharks with "frickin" laser beams attached their heads, which Vydra and the others quickly defeated. Upon boarding the ship, the guards were alerted to the presence of trespassers by Buren due to the sharks going offline. The team fought the entire security team of lightly cyberized corpsec in FBA, carrying ares alphas and mossberg shotguns. A stationary but heavily entrenched Ruhrmetall HMG auto turret, nicknamed "The Baby", firing ex-ex ammo popped up mid combat, posing as hindrance and suppressing the team.

The team was eventually able to eliminate the entire security team only to piss of Buren who then released the prototype Hellclaw specimens (Loup garou/harvester with narco-kami). They ravaged the "expendable" research assistants, leaving the research deck full of blood and guts, straight out of a horror movie. Vydra wanted to blow up a door with an HE grenade that would have taken out half the ship but Reiher stopped him before they would get flooded. The infected managed to ambush Reiher's drone and then the team but the team was able to hold back the tide of werewolves and kill all 12 of them. The team recovered the research drives from the ship's mainframe and captured Buren, hiding out in his panic room, using his deck to cybercombat Reiher's drones in futile attempts.

The intense combat did enough collateral damage to the ship to compromise its integrity and as it was slowly sinking the team tried to exfiltrate onto the VTOL, only to be ambushed by a prototype troll cyberzombie with an implanted milspec heavy armor, with programmed combat expertise. After a fight, the team managed to take down the bipedal tank of a troll and boarded the VTOL who then bombarded the ship with missiles eliminating any major evidence.


The RV Darwin was scheduled to reach the Proteus AG arcology off the coast of Vancouver in a few days and the corp will be investigating the matter.

EVO now has the scientist and the research to take over the infected bio-drone project.


40,000 nuyen -OR- 80,000 nuyen in ware (upto betaware) and/or any gear made by EVO (including drones and vehicles), upto avail 19. Also 3 karma. Any one who took ware got the negative quality: Records on File (EVO).

Rabbit: Took 40,000 nuyen cash and WFTP 10,000 nuyen to 5 karma. (Did not receive the negative quality)

Brick: Took ware (Received the negative quality): Reaction enh (R2 alpha to R3 beta): 58500-31200 = 27300 Wired reflexes (R1 alpha to R1 beta): 58500-46800 = 11700 Orthoskin (R3 std to R4 beta): 36000-18000 = 18000 Internal router (std to beta): 22500-15000 = 7500 Fairlight caliban w/ R1 stealth dongle = 11000 Armor mod for arm (R2 alpha to R3 alpha) = 10800-7200 = 3600 Armor mod for arm (R2 alpha to R3 alpha) = 10800-7200 = 3600 totals 82700 + 2700 from his own pocket

Frau Reiher: Took gear (Did not receive the negative quality). EVO Waterking with spoof chips and rigger adaptation (75,500), and the Crash Cart Airlife, an offbrand version of the Aeroquip Dustoff from page 23 of Bullets and Bandages, with no modifications (12,000). She also WFTM 3 karma to 6000 nuyen and used her own funds to pay for the 7,500 extra.

Rogatty Vydra: TBD