Conveying Convoys

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Conveying Convoys
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Syndicate
Jonah Hex
2 Mirages
2 Growlers
1 Hughes Stallion
Casualties and losses
All of it
Why is Otter doing these things?


The team are paid to take a vehicle from a truck depot in the Puyallup barrens to a location on the edge of Bellevue. Along the way they are attacked by a number of vehicular assailants.


Harry Wurmwood, a honest to God man who never never done fair work is in need of someone to protect his Mack Hellhound while it makes a delivery. And he hired a team of Haven runners to do just such thing.

The Meet

The team meet the Johnson at a sleazy bar. The J tells them he needs a vehicle moving from point A to point B. Seems easy enough, the team accept and receive the location of the Mack Hellhound they need to transport, as well as access to the cabin of said Hellhound.

The Plan

Transport the vehicle as quickly and seamlessly as possible, as far as such a thing goes for a team of runners. Flyboy doing the driving, Lucky keeping an eye on the world from the roof, and Jonah keeping an eye on the Astral.

The Run

On the drive over to the truck depot, Flyboy gets a vague suspicion that they're being pulled, so performs a crazy Ivan. Upon it's completion he was happy that they were fine. Oh how wrong he was.

After leaving the depot in the Hellhound, a Suzuki Mirage pulls up behind them and opens fire on Lucky stood on the roof. A minor inconvenience, the mounted Ultamaxes on the Hellhound make short work of it, however in that time 2 Growlers and another Mirage pull up. Lucky takes down one Mirage by jumping onto it and removing it's occupant, and the Growlers are dealt with when Flyboy pulls some bulldrek. He rolls the Hellhound in a full 360, and forces them to crash into one another to avoid crashing into the barrelling vehicle.

The team take a moment to collect themselves (and upload trideos to the Haven app) before they hear the thumping noise of a Hughes Stallion overhead which opens with a salvo from a Panther XXL. Initial attempts by both Flyboy and the Stallion's rigger prove unsuccessful as they are both used to piloting their respective crafts in an evasive fashion. Those hits that do land are absorbed completely by the armoured plating of both vehicles. Lucky also tries his luck, and finds some purchase with stick and shock wreaking havoc, as it is prone to doing with vehicles. Jonah summons a phantasm of a dragon to mess with the Stallion, but the driver is seemingly unfazed by it's appearance. There's a back and forth gunfight between the two vehicles and lucky, and eventually the team are able to ground the Stallion permanently. Unfortunately as it goes down, the pilot has just enough time to launch a salvo of missiles which pepper the area. There's a tense moment as one grazes the side of the Hellhound, but the plating stands strong.

The pilot of the stallion, spiteful even in death, causes one last issue for the team. A bridge that stands between Puyallup and Bellevue acquires a fair sized hole in it, enough to deter most drivers. After a very quick check in with the team to hold on to their stomachs and their seatbelts, Flyboy puts the pedal down as far as it will go and pushes high-octane through the car's engine and hits a speed most would balk at. They sail through the air, over the gap, and touch down safely on the far side.

Knowing when they're beat, whoever has been organising the attacks on this vehicle sends nothing further after the team, and they drive to their final location.


The Johnson's delivery arrives at the requested location, and the team get paid. The Johnson discovers afterwards that the Hellhound delivery might have been switched for an externally identical delivery at some point, and there's a very concerned group of workers at Plush Palace who have just had a shipment of illegal weapons turn up. But it'll be fine, right?


  • 12K Nuyen
  • 5 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Ahh yes, my favourite way to spend time, in someone else's Hellhound dunking on people who thing they can go toe to toe with me. That being said, the Hughes Stallion was pretty cool. Might look into getting me one of those. A shame KE were swarming the place before I could go make a salvage job. Ahwell. Lucky and Jonah are good eggs, glad they managed to hold their stomach contents, I appreciate not waking up in vomit. Speaking of which, need to have a word with whichever mad mechanic took the Rigger Cocoons out of them...


Good run, will definitly run again with Flyboy and Lucky. Flyboy is an amazing wheelman and lucky convinced me to buy a new set of magboots. Almost lost my lunch at one point and next time im getting permission to kill.