Corrupt Findings

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Corrupt Findings (Semi-prime)
Part of Two part black site chain
LocationOutside touristville ,Redmond, Seattle
Status Failed
Factions Involved
Aztechnology Evo, Witchblade, Mister Sarcarian, Tamarin, Bi0s
Commanders and leaders
Ricardo Lobo


Aztech have been working on a project that involved the fungus Cryptococcus neoformans with it’s ability to convert gamma radiation to biomass. Trying to find a way to harness this ability Aztech researcher began inserting genetic material from other strains of fungi to obtain more useful applications. One of the strains created by introducing genetic material of an awakened form of fungi had the ability to create a fluid liquid inside the fungi that was highly radioactive and had low mutagenic properties. Causing the fungi to become self sustainable.
Ricardo Lobo, Head researcher on the project took particular interest in this strain and requested more research funds for this strain. His request was granted by the higher ups. His research on this strain, the people that worked with it and more were transferred to a new build black Site facility in the redmond barrens.
What is currently going on?
The strain of fungi has advanced to a state that it can from superorganism with others of its own strain. In this state the mutagenic ability of the liquid have been greatly increased causing with combination of the high radiation,either dead or mutation in 1 to 2 seconds. High likely to be death. Although the ones that do mutate appear to mutate with a guided malevolent intent.


The runners meet the EVO Johnson on a yacht in the middle of Lake Washington, where the the Johnson explained the the job to the runners and offered 25000 ¥. The runners accepted the job and went on their way.


The runner went to the location where for the search of the blacksite, they managed to get a lead by the use of getting a spirit to show them a location of thick background count, from here Temarin followed a trail to a other locations while the other were waiting.
Temarin found a church where the Capture squad was holding up, Temarin hid from them but she got spotted when the capture squad walked past them. Temarin began to run and try to hid from the squad but was unable to hid from them, as they fired stick and shock upon her to capture her. By the sound of the gun shots, Mister Sarcarian came running but was soon also shot till unconsciousness. The other two runners decided that it was no longer possible to complete the job and abandoned the job.


the aftermath of this job is the following:

*Mister Sarcarian and Temarin got a cortex bomb (micro bomb) implanted in their heads till they completed several favors
*The blacksite became completed and is not fully operational.  


u/mitsayantan as Bi0s
Rewards: 6 karma

AAR: So, we were asked to take a boat into the middle of the lake where this bigass yacht with EVO written on it, was just anchored there. The J told us to get some kind of rare fungi on a black site, deep in the barrens. It did not go well, it did not go well at all. Sarcarian and Tamarin were both fragged up unconscious and taken. I tried to stop them, but there was little I could do. So I took Sarcarian's dogs, his car and scrammed. I don't know if they'll survive.

u/ryncewynde88 as Witchblade
Rewards: 6 karma

u/SilithDark as Tamarin
Rewards: 6 karma

u/KPsyChoPath as Mister Sarcarian
Rewards: 6 karma

"I hate working for corps, mostly because it always comes with a heavy risk. Meet was standard, thou we met on a yacht which was the only noteable expection to this meet. After that we began doing our legwork, one of us found a clue and we all went with it, which turned out was probly right. Lead us to a broken church where one of us snuck inside to get a better scope of the place but sadly she didnt manage to evade their patrol and got spotted. I immediatly went inside after them to try n save her, i left Black kat behind i was not leaving another runner behind. I rushed in but was quickly over taken as 4 trained guards quickly took me down, i might have been a Prime runner once but that dosnt mean i'm suddenly immortal. The other runners left us behind to save themself, which was the right thing to do. Me and the other runner got treated to a new piece of cyber ware in the form of a cortex bomb and was given Laes to not remember anything that had happend at all, after that.. Yea nothing much... We failed the J" (I know he was dosed with Laes, but this is taken from the perspective of him as a ghost, recalling his past runs)