Couzin Ed's Punk-A-Billy Freakshow

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Couzin Ed's Punk-A-Billy Freakshow
A variety band
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationNew Orleans (CAS)

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Couzin Ed's Punk-A-Billy Freakshow is a band that performs around the country, based out of New Orleans. Despite the name, the band is actually a variety act, each member bringing their own style of music to the group.

They have a small network of friends who occasionally perform with them.


Rocking that punk-a-billy sound

  1. Get gigs
  2. Perform
  3. Secret agenda stuff from the The Spirit of The Mountain

Major Locations


New Orleans

The Daze


Couzin Edward Liam Boe
The Spirit Of The Mountain


A band of outcasts who perform whatever the frag they want whether you like it or not. They were recruited by Couzin Ed and The Spirit of The Mountain.


Unwanted EVOlution

Derelict Hardware

The Cretins


The Ol' Crows

Current Status

Health Summary



Name Position Description
Couzin Eddie L. Boe Lead Vocals and Banjo A dwarf with a drumstick lodged in his forehead after a pyrotechnic accident. He used to be a drummer for a semi-popular country metal band called Violent Voodoo based out of New Orleans before the accident. Instead of having the drumstick removed, he sharpened the end of it to a fine point, quit playing the drums all together, and quit the band. The injury changed his personality according to close acquaintances, making him more outgoing and wild as well as impulsive.

He takes up the frontman position, singing the majority of the songs they write, as well as playing the banjo. He brings a mix of Metal and Outlaw Country to the band's repertoire.

Frank Starkovich Bassist

Lead and Backing Vocals

A human immigrant from Ukraine, formerly the bassist of a very popular rock band there named Криваві обличчя (Bloody Faces). He was ousted from the band due to his obscene public drug habits, the others wanting the band to keep up a straight edge appearance despite their behind the scenes drug use. Needless to say, he did not take it very well and took it out on the general public, making frequent tabloid appearances and such until he finally moved to NYC to pursue a new music career. He soon became friends with a girl named Brit Morris whom he crashed with, becoming a roadie for her band while he tried to form his own. After an incident that nearly left Brit dead, they both fled to CAS, following the advice of a spirit watching over them, soon crossing paths with Eddie, joining him.

Frank's abnormally long, skinny fingers elevate his bass playing skills to new heights, each finger able to strum a string individually, making his rhythm unique in style. He also takes the lead vocalist spot on most of the songs that he writes. He brings an alternative rock sound and styling to the band's image.

Brit Morris Lead Guitarist and Backing Vocals An elf girl who used to be part of a Riot Grrl punk band in NYC called The Roaring Individuals. She is a very controversial individual by nature, calling out injustices of all kinds from small policlubs to megacorps in her music, garnering hatred from many groups. This hatred culminated in an attempted murder of Brit one night after a show where a man had fatally stabbed her. Luckily, Frank was there to fight off the man, but there was seemingly nothing anyone could do as she lost consciousness. As her body became paler and paler, a spirit came upon them, seeing the dying woman, it took pity on her and healed her, saving her life. Her complexion never recovered, making her look like a living corpse with how pale she is. In return to saving her life, Brit devoted herself to the spirit that saved her, following its advice. It led her and Frank down to New Orleans where they crossed paths with Ed, the spirit telling her that he will lead them to glory.

Brit is often annoyed by the antics of her bandmates, giving her a bit of a gruff demeanor. She plays lead guitar and backing vocals and brings an overall hardcore punk vibe to the band.

Willie Maykit Drummer A nartaki that used to be a part of a Canadian comedy band called The Hideous Tan Wannabees until the entire band was killed, leaving him as the sole survivor. He was taken into police custody pending the investigation but was let go when little evidence was found and the case was deemed unsolvable, likely the work of professionals. The event left him with a large scar on the side of his face from a blow that nearly killed him and a largely somber demeanor. A therapist assigned to him however determined his had deep seeded psychological trouble and was admitted to a mental hospital. After six months, he managed to escape and flee UCAS under an assumed name. For years he kept a low profile, getting a job as a stage hand for the band Violent Voodoo, forming a bond with Ed in particular. After Eddie's accident, their bond only grew, Willie being the only thing Eddie kept around from his Violent Voodoo days.

With his 6 limbs, Willie can tear up a drumset better and faster than most, but is very talented at giving a eerily slow beat life that no other can. He brings with him a cadence of emo and pop-punk with him to the table.

Unkal Jed Fiddle and Bouncer Ed's ork uncle, Jedediah Boe, and the one who originally got Eddie into music, drinking and drugs. He is a very heavy set man and multiple felon, being a member of The Cretins, a gang of Cajun rednecks and swamp people in New Orleans, formerly working as a bodyguard for drug runners. His face is heavily disfigured, hiding it behind a gas mask most of the time. He has semi-retired from the gang with his older age, committing his full time to the band. Despite his background and intimidating appearance, he is very much a goofball, often getting the band into wacky or dubious situations along with Ed. He also acts as a bit of a bouncer for the band both on and off the stage, using his large size to deter grabby fans or belly checking stage climbers back into the crowd as they're playing.

Armed with his fiddle, he is usually brought in for elongated solos and faster tracks to match Brit's guitar and Ed's banjo playing. He brings a lot of Rockabilly and classic country to the band's image.

Rob N. T. Prez-0-Dent Misc. instruments Not much is known about Rob, even their metatype is a mystery. They're a mute and never shows their face, always hiding it under a paper bag. They change the bag frequently when left alone to display their mood through funny/vulgar/disturbing phrases or drawings on the bags. They communicate not through sign language, but musical instruments, using certain tones and riffs to answer people. They have a very happy-go-lucky attitude most of the time, almost childlike at times.

They seem to know how to play any instrument given to them, but is usually drawn to instruments usually found with ska bands such as trumpets, trombones, saxophones and keyboards.

The Spirit Of The Mountain Synths and Technician The spirit that saved Brit's life, it follows the band everywhere, occasionally influencing them either through suggestion or possession. its motivations are unclear, but it does seem to want the band to succeed and "achieve glory."

It is in charge of much of the technical stuff such as sound levels and special effects as well as being a part of the band, playing synths for backing tracks.

Any PCs associated with this group are 'reserve members' of the band - friends who occasionally perform with them.


Couzin Eddie L. Boe3ServiceMusician

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