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Factions Involved
Good Boy
Casualties and losses
Setback gets knocked out
Setbacks's peanut butter
Animal augmentation research site,
the Johnson,
Some lab techs,


Runners are hired to track down a missing dog. After the dog is found, they end up disrupting a secret EVO-sponsored animal augmentation project.


Some "rich valley girl" has "lost her dog". It's probably somewhere up in Snohomish.

The Meet

The meet takes late at night in a hipster cafe called the Night Owl. The team attempts to dress appropriately, but Good Boy is a dog. Setback claims he is a seeing-eye dog for Kost, who maintains that deception. Sinister suffers from his fur allergy.

The Johnson is very vague about her dog Gamma, and Kost gets the impression she is withholding information. However, team matches her accent and successfully negotiates for an extra 2k each.

The Plan

The team first needs to acquire some Zero so Sinister can function alongside Good Boy. Setback calls Doctor O+, and has several doses delivered to the Downtown-Tacoma border. This turns out to be very useful later. After this, they head up to Snohomish to begin the search.

The Run

Good Boy's tracking powers are put to use, and the team is soon on the trail. As they move through the Snohomish forest, they encounter several raccoons. Kost attempts to feed and pet them, but backs off after a racoon atttempts to palm something off her. Good Boy is unfazed however, and the team soon comes up to a clearing containing a writhing mass of fur. Setback approaches it with treats but it flees. Good Boy uses assensing to determine it is heavily augmented mundane dog, which is revealed to be capable of toppling and taking chunks out of the trees it collides with. This appears to be Gamma, who is also determined to be suffering from augmentation rejection via assensing.

Kost's turkey hunting experience tells her that they should let their quarry calm down before attempting approaching it again, so the team settles down for a picnic. Chips and beef jerky are supplied by Setback. They decide the correct course of action would be to dose Gamma with Zero to alleviate the augmentation rejection. After the team successfully tracks and sneaks up on the dog, Setback quick draws a jar of peanut butter to be used to hold a Zero tablet onto rawhide bone (supplied by Good Boy. She successfully throws it next to the dog, and Good Boy manages to not catch the flying object. They wait as Gamma consumes the bone and his symptoms lessen. Setback then slathers the rest of the peanut butter onto her arm, and after resisting a tackle from Good Boy successfully approaches Gamma, who amenably licks the peanut butter off her arm and follows the team out of the woods.

The run target has been acquired, but Kost and Setback have suspicions regarding Gamma's true purpose. Gamma is taken to Dr O+, who appraises its substantial augmentations. Kost calls Harvey Sanders, and learns nothing except that Gamma is far too valuable to be used in simple dogfights. Sinister contacts Anything Andy, who informs the team of recent sightings of similarly augmented animals in Snohomish. With their suspicions substantiated and contacts exhausted, the team moves to investigate the Johnson.

The Extra Run

The drop-off takes place on the grounds of a gaudy/tacky mansion in Snohomish. Sinister has palmed several stealth tags onto Gamma beforehand. The Johnson seems pleased, but Gamma recoils from her. Setback enters the mansion by asking to use the washroom. She begins to snoop around and discovers nothing except that the mansion is relatively unfurnished. The team concludes it must be a front house. As Setback seems to be taking a while, the Johnson sends a guard to look for her so Setback has to dodge him by climbing out and around the outside of the mansion. Sinister distracts the Johnson with a card trick, and takes the opportunity to palm a stealth tag onto her before she goes to check on Setback herself. Setback is found washing her hands in the washroom as is escorted out. The team is paid in full and leaves.

The team wait nearby, and follow the tags as they move across Snohomish. They witness the car transporting the tags enter a garage concealed in a hill. Without Matrix capabilities, the team has to go in non-lethal loud after being disguised by Sinister and Kost. Setback breaches with her chainsaw and intimidates the group of hazmat wearing personnel they encounter in the garage. Interrogations begin and the team learns that the Johnson is in charge. It's a small facility, and the team swiftly neutralizes and restrains what passes for security personnel. However, Setback is struck with an injection dart while protecting Kost, and is knocked out from the crash of betameth-kamikaze drug interaction. Good Boy has generated a powerful energy aura and uses it to take out a guard and kill the Johnson. Before her death, she reveals this operation was being sponsored by EVO.

As Setback is being dragged out by Kost, Sinister and Good Boy check out the labs and kennels, which are not full of nice things. They discover Gamma undergoing autopsy, and Good Boy murders the lab techs carrying out the procedure. Kost tips off her KE contact, Hiro Shirokane, to the operation, and claims the attack was carried out by Terrafirst!.


Setback is out cold on Kost's couch for several hours. Good Boy loses a rawhide bone.


10,000 nuyen
8 karma
-2 EVO rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Urrrggh. Worse meet I'll ever have, ever. Drugs aren't playing nice too. shoulda have some Zero on me. The proper job part was... straightforward I guess. Never guessed peanut butter could come in so good. Also allergies useful, wow.


That was a nasty narcoject trick! But at least I took it instead of Kost. Better me than someone else.


What a thoroughly I unpleasant woman. I do not turn on a Johnson often, but when you make it your business to regularly harm creatures in the name of"science," I will "science" back and see just how many bullets your body can take. Also, I need to thank Setback for just standing in the way of bullets for me... well, darts, I suppose, but still.