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Today we say farewell to Daniella Palau

Millions mourn as their beloved singer, performer and idol was insidiously assassinated on September 8th 2080.

But let's look back on her live because Daniella wasn't always the star she was til end. She was born on August 17th 2042 in the outskirts of Tenochtitlán,

she lived there with her sister, parents and grandparents in a cramped complex. The family was very poor and couldn't really afford anything,

but not even these harsh conditions could stop Daniella to sing and perform it probably even motivated her to do so, to bring a little bit joy and happiness to those around her.

Over the course of a couple of years she became quite popular in the outskirts for her angelic voice and captivating performance.

In this period of time some people of Aztec heard about her and found her. This should be the turning point in your life.

Daniella and her family got invited to Aztec were Daniellas skills were refined. She proved that she had great talent and got to sing the national anthem in a few events.

In her twenties she produced her first albums with songs like "Pirámide dorada"

a song about the great golden pyramid of Aztec and "Nuestras calles son oro otra vez" (Our Streets are Gold Once Again)

a song about how Aztec brought wealth to the region and helps it's people. These early songs show how grateful she was. Within months she became one of the most famous singers of Aztlan,

with her new songs she brought public awareness to Aztec music and with songs like “Promise” her popularity swept over the borders of Aztlan into the whole world.

She filled stadiums with her music, if a concert was announced the tickets were sold out immediately.

Her career flourished and everything seemed fine but 4 weeks ago the paradise started to crumble as Daniella started working on her 5th album,

according to officials due to personal disagreements between her and her the Aztec producer. Just two weeks ago she switched from Aztec to Spinglobal,

at the Spinglobal tower she continued her work on her 5th album that now maybe never be released.

The most gruesome thing about this is that seconds after she was being shot,

her band mates started dancing and dabbing arround her seen on a trid probably released by one of her assassins.

This tactless behavior on the one hand caused puplic outrage towards her still unknown assassins on the other hand damaged Spinglobals prestige and revenue heavily as it was watched by millions.

Now there are many questions unanswered.

Who murderd Daniella? Why did she have to die? Who is behind all this? There are many rumors many opinions but nothing official yet not from Knights Errant who are investigating nor from Spinglobal.

Her fans and friends can't understand why this has happened. All there is to do now is to say farewell and Rest In Peace Daniella Palau you will never be forgotten.

Til next time Chummers keep runnin//BFG out

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