Dark Heart News

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Dark Heart News
Factions Involved
Onetestu Yang (Hustler)
Some dumb wannabe reporter
Social combat only


Stop this wannabe reporter from shoving cameras in Shadowrunner's faces


This wannabe reporter guy had been going around shoving a camera in the faces of Shadowrunners and he needed to be stopped.

The Meet

The runners met Sid in his shop. He told them that the reporter had come in and enough people had complained about him that Sid wanted this reporter to stop, for good. The base reward was going to be 6k but runners negotiated for an extra 2k if they brought him any important data the reporter had

The Plan

The runners never made a plan. They just set out to do the run. This came back to bite them a little bit later.

The Run

The runners looked up the guy's P2.1 and it turns out he was livestreaming with his location on. With this info, the runners made their way to him, got him to pull his car over, jammed his camera and his drone, and after a quick bickering over DNI about how to do it, Hydro intimidated the guy into giving up the whole thing. Afterwords, they combed through his stream to find anything that could be given to the J and they found that he'd identified the Daze as a Shadowrunner hideout. Hydro submitted an automatted claim to MeFeed about the music being copyrighted in order to get that part muted so no one knows that he correctly identified the Daze as a Shadowrunner hideout. Then they took the original file of the stream back to the J.


The guy stopped what he was doing, promised not to do it again, and had his recording muted. The runners brought back the data of the unmuted recording for their extra 2k.


8,000 nuyen, 2 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Hydro: We ran over, stopped the guy before he got to Bellevue, jammed his camera, told him to stop, and warned him that the next group wouldn't be so nice. And he stopped! No fighting needed. We win.