Data gambling

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Data gambling
GMDoc Mnc
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Zippers


A data steal put together by Rodrick Bomart working on behalf of an unknown client. The team of runners he acquired consisted of Canter, Hound and 8133D3R. A bit off put by the look of the team the J (Bomart) still gave them the job. He needed the zippers thursday schedule and he was willing to pay extra to have it done quietly. The team's initial scouting went smoothly as Canter and 8133D3R scouted the Casino, the zippers based themselves out of, from the matrix and Hound kept an eye out for trouble in Meatspace. Spotting that the tables had datavaults in them with semi-concealed data jacks and seeing one of the gang members plug their commlink in briefly before heading back out. On the day of the job itself (9 the next morning) the team decided they were ready to take what they needed. Sneaking up while 8133D3R edited them out of the camera feed the Maglock on the window gave no resistance. This became a running theme as the datavaults limited security proved no match for Canter. After a few mishaps a window proved their undoing as Canter fell when trying to climb back out the window though the team made it out safe.


Rodrick Bomart is a professional but his clients and his target are less so. Hired mediate a argument between two low tier middle managers word got out one was getting some illegal goods smuggled and the zippers a small new gang on the scene were smuggling it part of the way. Seeing an opportunity the job was on and runners were hired to get their schedule. The manager wanted to intercept the shipment himself.

The Meet

The J arranged a meet at a club called the Zion. The zion's a bit dingy in meatspace but it's matrix appearance is well done. Animated murals adorn the walls and a selection of greatest hits on the club scene (from a 5 years ago) play in AR. The bouncer doesn't check for weapons beyond stopping people walking in holding a assault rifle in plain sight. The interior was a dance floor, a bar and a couple booths. 8133D3R noticed the dance floor had a lot of sensors pointed at it which didn't deter Canter from summoning a task spirit and out dancing everyone else in the club. While she did this Bleeder and Hound lurked in the shadows. When the J arrived they joined him in a corner booth where he turned on a white noise generator. The conversation with him was brief and professional the team acquiring the info they needed as well as an offer for a little extra pay if they offed Freddy Gas Hands.

The Plan

The key obstacles in the team's way were the Gangers in the building, the camera's and the data vaults. They solved the ganger problem by breaking in at 9 in the morning when the night shift was sleepy and hanging around in the bar rather than the room they needed and 8133D3R said they'd take care of the camera. This left the only two obstacles as breaking into the data vaults and not getting heard. No specific plan was made for this beyond be quiet and do hacking.

The Run

Entering the building went flawlessly the Mag lock putting up no resistance and Hound helping Canter through the window. Once inside Canter plugged into the Roulette table. A matrix perception check revealed the security to be a password lock on the file. Canter cracked this jamming the file attempt to alert it's setter. She then set a new encryption with the same password. This process was repeated for each table though Canter never matrix percieved the Blackjack table getting caught out by a data bomb. Apart from that and one near failed roll the matrix security tried and failed to put up a fight. The physical security (a couple gangers) did a slightly better job. One ganger heard Canter moving around the casino room and came to investigate twice missing Canter and hound hiding under tables both times. Eventually he snuck up to the second floor balcony sure that something was going on but before he could confirm his suspicions he was knocked unconscious when canter magiced a syringe into his neck (and by magiced I mean flung at high velocities using forces beyond many mortals comprehension). The threat averted the team looked to be home free till Canter tripped trying to climb out the window because she was busy leaving a horse picture behind (with horse written on it). The remaining gangers heard this one rushing into the room only to get a combat axe to the front and a syringe to the face. Making it through the window this time Hound carried canter as they ran for the car the remaining two gangers taking a couple potshots down the road but missing badly. Once canter made it to her car the team was off at speed though a local old lady had keyed Canters car.


The zippers unaware the team had stolen their schedules and assuming they'd caught them on the way into the building rather than the way out continued their week unworried. This proved to be a bad idea as they got ambushed smoothly on the thursday earning the team a 4k nuyen bonus, each, from the J. Though the job was done and done well Bomart still wants Freddy dead and the zippers reputation is at risk as they teeter on the edge of dissolution.


10K nuyen

3 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was a very low key recovery run Comrade in a casino. With Canter doing the searching for the data all I was doing was looking tough and keeping an eye out for trouble. Couple of times I heard Canter grunt as it seemed that Canter got hit by something from the matrix maybe? Not sure what the drek Canter was doing in that area but Canter was able to get the job accomplished. When that Guard came onto the balcony I cannot believe that Canter nailed that guard with a syringe without breaking a sweat. What does that Comrade Canter have that allows her to do that? Drekking magic?

As we extracted from the casino that we were getting the data from Canter basically belly flopped getting out of the window Comrade. Even though it rated a 1.5 on the judge's score Canter is still running the shadows as an older woman. I can only hope that if I hadn't made the money to leave the shadows by then I am able to be as effective as Canter Comrade. Once my fellow comrades and I got to the car we got out of dodge without being identified and got a good bonus for our efforts. Comrade that bonus will keep me in vodka for a few weeks.