Death of a Legend

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Death of a Legend


Runners are hired to kill a rap legend before he can undergo Leonization.


The target is guilty of numerous foul deeds, mostly from beinf a pretentious jerk who thinks his money excuses his actions. He is married to a woman who is perhaps more insufferable than he is. He has also recently claimed the couch of one A-Aron.

The Meet

The runners meet in the backroom of a bar. They are apprehensive about killing an older person, but as the target and his deeds are revealed, they become far more comfortable with the idea. The target will be holding a party to celebrate his impending leonization. The Johnson wants him killed at this location in a way that cannot be traced back to him.

The Plan

The runners are given a plane ride to Los Angeles by the Johnson. Kost will socially infiltrate while Paladin sneaks in, assisted by preps provided by Stormcrow and Dr. Trauma. Kost is to get the target into the house and then Paladin will kill him at a time when the wife is out of sight, then they will plant incriminating evidence on the wife.

The Run

Kost manages to sneak in by attaching herself to the arm of A-Aron. She charms him into allowing her to accompany him. Simultaneously, Paladin sneaks in the back. Stormcrow keeps watch while Dr. Trauma waits in the car as backup.

The wife continues to be insufferable, somehow making her husband's party about her. A-Aron gets into an argument with the target. Agter the fight ends, his wife moves to console him, but Kost is a little faster. At Paladin's behest, she intentionally upsets the woman by offering to "take you [the target] inside to... relax..." The wife strikes at Kost, scratching her.

At this point, Paladin hits the lights and closes in. She stabs the target in the eye. Kost catches the wife's hand and force the knife in her hand. Kost and Paladin retreat, with Kost verbally calling the wife out, saying she has a knife and not to cut her.

The lights come back on, and the target is dead with a stab wound in his eye and his wife holding the knife.

Paladin arranges a plane to take them back in case of a double cross by the Johnson.


The wife is arrested for the murder of the target. Shadowrunners and the Johnson are not suspected.


18,000 nuyen 4 Karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Thanks to Paladin for arranging transportation back to Seattle. It seems odd killing a man as old as he was, but if he's half as horrible as that Блять wife of his, then it's half as much as he deserved. And her taking the fall, well, that's just some royal icing on the cookie.


First time I got paid to ride a plane for a job it was certainly interesting, though having a kill a man already on deaths door was a bit out of the ordinary.