Deimos' Initiation

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Deimos' Initiation
Factions Involved
Doctor Marvel


Deimos decided that she needed to become more attuned with her magic. Therefore, she decided to go on a metaplanar quest, in the search of an aspect of The Great God Pan, and to make a contract with the spirit, so that for a measure of her life experience, the God would aid her on the mortal plane.

She also decided that she wanted to get to know the new academic mage on the block, so invited Doctor Marvel on the quest.

The Meet

Deimos invited Dr Marvel to Mana, where she was setting up a lodge and greeting some prospective students to the school. Here they realised that Dr. Marvel couldn't take her alchemical preps through to the metaplanes, so they needed to convince a spirit to Gate them into the planes.

The Legwork

The Run



Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr. Marvel

This was a most fascinating excursion into the realms beyond! The influence of Mercury was strong - we even met the winged messenger himself! I made sure to take copious notes and sketches of the realm, its architecture, and its physical properties. There was some degree of time dilation, as we exited with less time having passed in our world than in this one. I also met a young scholar who gifted me a journal written in ancient Greek! This expedition may have considerable implications for arcano-archaeological studies in the Mediterranean!