Deliver A Package

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Deliver A Package
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ordo Maximus
Canter Ordo Maximus Hit Squads


Canter is hired by a mysterious J to deliver a package after taking a specific route with no deviations. The J turns out to be a member of Ordo Maximus, and the delivery was a test - the package just a transmitter to call others nearby to attack her.


Canter is one of the best street racers around, and managed to pull the attention of Ordo Maximus.

The Meet

Canter is called to a bar in Touristville where there are several older bikers and a mysterious J. The J offered Canter 20k nuyen (or double that in 'ware) for delivering a package, with the caveat that the package much travel along a per-determined route with no deviations. Any failure will result in no pay. Canter agrees with some hesitation.

The Plan

Drive fast, die never.

The Run

As Canter is driving through Redmond, she is attacked by a persona on the matrix, another driver, a small gang, and finally a radiation shaman and spirit while driving through Glow City. She manages to either escape or rebuff all of these threats.


The J reveals himself to be a member of Ordo Maximus, and tells Canter that they'll have future jobs for her. Canter is simultaneously worried and shocked it took until she was 91 to get their attention.


  • 10 rvp of nuyen or cyberware, up to alphaware
  • 4 karma
  • +5 Ordo Maximus Reputation

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I don't know whether to be more worried or insulted that Ordo Maximus is paying attention to me, but it took until I was 91. ... No, I'm high-key upset.