Dirty Little Secret

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Dirty Little Secret
Part of Suffer the Children
Factions Involved
Sean Dempsey
Felipe Chandler
John from IT
Abusive parent


Sean Dempsey, hired a bunch of runner to track down his boyfriend Felipe Chandler. After the meet at a Seattle University, the team decided to check out Felipe's office. Learning that a gun was missing, the party rush towards a resident in the barren ( The location of felipe's car ).

Once there, shooting can be heard. After a few quick decision by the team they manage to subdue everyone involve in the shooting. It is revealed that an abusive parent has been beating his child and been threatning both the child and Felipe. After the third time this happen, Felipe felt it was his duty to kill this man for his atrocities. They also find the child sleeping upstairs and brought him down to be relocated.

The team decide to leave the man to the ghouls and take the child to a safe place Felipe recommend. They then took Felipe to reunite with his boyfriend who thank the party for stopping his boyfriend from committing murder.


See Suffer the Children

The Meet

The party met up in at the University of Seattle. Crone being a rigger, got to the meet first, Kost second and John got there last due to following traffic laws. While waiting for the rest of the party to arrive, Crone decide to talk politics with the Johnson, Sean Dempsey. It was quickly revealed that Sean shared similar poltics with Crone, which is Left wing Anarchist. Kost came a while later and continue the discussion. John came into the party later. His attire caused him to be mock by the fellow university student.

The Johnson told the party that his boyfriend is missing and he is worried. He told us to check out his boyfriend office, and even their house if need be. Before they left John tried to rope the Johnson into an MLM but was quickly, quickly turned down by Crone and Kost.

The Plan

The plan was to search the matrix for the target, and to search the target office.

The Run

The plan starts off by John doing a matrix search on the target commlink. It failed, so instead John target his car and manage to find the car park a location in the barren. Before heading there, the team thought it was best to check the office for more clues. So the entire team hop into Crone car and drove to the office. Once there, Crone thought it would be a great idea to disguise herself as an elderly gramma, posing as the target's grandmother with Kost acting as her assistance. Crone played out the role, of having dimentia and wanting to drop off some cookies for his boy as a suprised with Kost helping. John decided to help by hacking into the host and changing the target info to show that he had a granny who will visit him. While there he also copied the target's file.

Scouting into the target's office (Which was more of a broom closet) the party found a diary mentioning a kid who was taken into the hospital 3 times due to beating from his father. They also found what used to a place for a gun followed by some missing ammunition. Learning of this the team decide to rush to the target location asap. Crone decide to summon a spirit of man to go to the location and stop the fighting by using a their barrier power.

Once there the players heard a scream and gunfire. Kost quickly hurl a thermal smokebomb into the window where the scream is happening to stop the fighting. While Crone ask the spirit he summon to astrally perceive the room. They learn that the person shooting was the target not the person ducking in cover. Crone then decide it was best for the spirit to posess the target to stop him from shooting. With the target failing the save, Krone ask the spirit to walk down the stairs and into the car. Kost went upstairs into the room to knock out the person in cover and to bring him to the car.

Crone than unsummon the spirit and ask the target to explain. The target explain that the person in cover was an abussive dad that beat up his son multiple times. There was a back and forth on what to do with the dad and it was finally decided it was best to kill him so he won't hurt anyone anymore. So they drop of the person into the ork underground to be feasted on by the ghouls. Later the group woke up the kid and brought him down to the car. They then decide it was best to put him into somewhere safe where the target can then bring them to a better living space.


The Dad presumably died, the child presumably received care and the Johnson's boyfriend was stopped from becoming a murderer.


Crone and Kost:

  • Option 1: Felipe Chander (1/2), Sean Dempsey (2/2), and 4 karma
  • Option 2: 9 karma
  • 2CDP
  • +1 DocWagon Rep


  • Option 1: 2000 nuyen, Felipe Chadler (1/2), and Sean Dempsey (2/2), 3 karma OR
  • Option 2: 2000 nuyen, 8 karma
  • +2 CDP
  • +1 DocWagon Rep

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm glad we were able to stop Sean from killing that guy, even though we did killed him ourselves in the end.It is a weight that doesn't leave easily. I'm also glad we got the kid to a better place.


I hope what we did was the right thing to do.


I understand John's hesitation. It is not an easy thing to do, deciding to take a life. But, eventually, you have to realize that some people just do not deserve to be in this world, and among them are the unrepentant parents that would do this to a child.