Donaghy's Had Enough

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Emerald City News

Date: 8/11/2082 By: Arnold Clayman

A stylised "ECN" flashes over the screen and fades away to a trendy news studio, centered is a long green couch upon which sit a tall man with a hooked nose and a woman with dyed-pink hair.

Around the pair are televisions which show Mark Donaghy giving a press release.

Clayman: Good Afternoon Seattle! This is Emerald City News and I'm your host: Arnie Clayman!

Annie: And I'm Annette Mortensen

Clayman: I'm sure many of you heard the explosion last night, and the subsequent lockup of Downtown, What. A. Drag! Am I right? Well as it turns out, District Attorney Mark Donaghy had a few words to say about all that this morning. Let's take a look.

The camera wipes to a brief clip of Donaghy's press realease

Annie: I know what you're thinking: If the sun is up, then so too is Mark Donaghy, on his soapbox yelling about runners. But this time he may be onto something: several of the suspects captured are known affiliates of that Haven group Mr. Anonymous was going on about. Arnie, what do you think the chances of that guy seeing the weekend if these Haven guys are as scary as he claims?

Clayman chuckles

Clayman: Slim to none, my dear. You know what they say: "Squeaky wheel gets geeked first."

Annie frowns mock sternly

Annie: That is definetly not what they say.

Clayman: Huh. Well, on a related note, KE has asked for citizens to come forward with any information they may have on the chromed-up guy in the video, and for those of you so inclined, posted a hefty bounty on him as well.

Annie: But it looks like Donaghy's really doubling down on his Light the Shadows program, so be careful whom you deal with, and stylish as they may be, armor jackets should be considered 'out' until further notice.

Clayman: Drek! and they looked so good on me too!

Annie: Well I can't wait to hear all the compliments you'll get in lockup...

Clayman: You'll be the first to know. That's it for today chummers, watch your backs out there!

The camera fades to black.