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Subject of Run:Katherine
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Bleeders Independent
Grod the Destroyer
Knife King
Cowardly Surgeon
Burning Man
The three who sit on Couches
Guy Killed by Grod
Betrayer Friend
Casualties and losses
None Knife King, Onion Soup, Guy killed by Grod None
Theme Song I listened too while writing the AAR


some guy's daughter got nabbed by the Bleeders after a fall out with said daughter and a tear-jerking betrayal by Betrayer Friend. The runners were tasked by the Father to retrieve his daughter from these Organleggers.

The runners succeeded after one guy had his contract ended, and 8 casualties total.


Redmond Barrens.

The Meet

Everyone went to some nightclub in the Barrens. Almost everyone took a cab excepting the most prepared individual of the group, Pell. From there, they had to wait a full five or ten minutes, the Johnson himself was late to the meet, and the runners obligated to stay after being assured by the Johnson. When the Johnson did arrive, he was a very sad looking corporate suit from SpinGlobal Industries, with the merch to match. The meet was simple and short to the point.

The Johnson offered 6,000 nuyen for the rescue of a Katherine, and provided intel on the organ-leggers operation, the fact that he pointed a gun at a ganger to get this information, the fact that he himself got mugged in a attempt to scope more info from the locale as well as a full dossier on his daughter (at least as much as he could provide.) Runners determined that Katherine had a biomonitor bracelet, as well as a locale on it through matrix activities. Johnson was comforted by Delphi.

Also, the taxi-drivers were very wacky and interesting, including one dude committing surveillance for a living while doing taxiwork for a job, a troll with social anxiety & a dude who harshed on Delphis vibe, and turned the tables and made Delphi feel bad about calling out his sons music. it was all better for Delphi, as they discussed the nature of Mendelbrot-formed music.

The Plan

What plan? The sentiment was simple, go find the girl and rescue her. Emphasis on find, time was of the essence.

The Run

The Bazaar

Players move to the location of the active bracelet, finding a veritable bazaar of stuff being bartered and sold. Shutdown & delphi track down the bracelet to a Caribbean man who deals in loot brought to him in bulk by gangers. Delphi spends 8 nuyen and buys the bracelet, and gently questions the dude. Delphi ripostes his offer of a bicycle by stating that she'll check it out later. Shutdown is incredibly sad at the prospect of not pointing a gun at a guy in the middle of a public street.

Delphi gains one traumatic experience in Pell's car after doing a psychometric inspection of the device, finding out two traumatic events on the aura. The first being that she was brought down after a brawl and kidnapped as a result of Betrayer Friend & the Bleeders Gangsters. The second traumatic event was the rough handling of her person and equipment after she woke up at a "processing" apartment in some tenement housing. She attempted to escape by window, spotting a street sign that allows for a triangulation of the apartment where she was.

The Apartment Insertion

They stand outside the apartment. Pell sends up a water spirit, confirming the exact apartment as well as the two unconscious people in their bathroom and the three people in-front of the TV, all three of which are high on Deepweed, all of whome spot the spirit. They rush to the apartment building, and SWAT the Apartment. Shutdown brutally knocks an old lady over while climbing up the stairs to the sixth floor. Delphi skillfully tells the insertion team to not slam their feet on the linoleum floor while they run in, and they successfully sneak up to the door and preform a tactical entry on the three stoners. Pell tactically suppresses the team, Shutdown throws a inactive grenade to lure them out, one guy was a BIG DAMN HERO and dived on top of the grenade and was knocked the frag out by the stick and shock flechettes of Pell's suppression. The mage makes the big mistake of casting the enhanced invisibility spell on himself.

Two timelines occurred. One occurs where eventually Pell states they will stop suppressing fire and actually does, and the mage steps out from cover, goes to the window and tries to jump out. Mortis fired upon this guy and probably knocked him out before this happened. This timeline was cursed, and did not happen.

Shutdown fires APDS upon the couch so as to spook the guys and make them think about surrendering, and instead puts a bullet into each of the dudes. The couch was encircled and all three stoners were put unconscious from the teams efforts. As far as the runners acted, there was only one mage, but the GM failed to imply that two of them were aspected mages with non-combat spells, or perhaps the players leading the runners forgot about the fact that all three of the dudes reacted to the water spirit from earlier. Delphi got to the apartment and slapped a stim patch on the lad who casted invisibility, and began interrogating him. Mortis destroyed their low-table and probably the lodge stuff underneath it.

The runners gained information, and exchanged the guys metalink (removing the dog pictures from his old phone and handing it to him) for a burner phone. The players learned: That these guys got 2,500 nuyen each for kidnapping Katherine. The link to a BBS that ultimately lead to the final location of Katherine. That Chuck (this mage) had a dog and really liked it, and the fact that the runners are so intimidating that they can make the meanest stoner gang mage into a crying sop. Then the Runners put a gun to each of these guys and took their payment for the kidnapping by force.

The Golden Oaks Insertion Operation: Bright Fall

The runners drove to Golden Oaks Academy for Bright Orcs, a abandoned Highschool in the Redmond barrens designed for very smart orcs. It got abandoned after a bombing from corporate action on a nearby building that compromised the integrity of the Highschool. This was the confirmed location of Katherine after some matrix work was done by Shutdown & Delphi. This place was home to a drug lab slash secondary processing facility by the Bleeders.

The players snuck into the building, and immediately compromised the drug making machine onsite, causing Grod the Destroyer (the strength ten machinegun wielding troll on kamikaze) to fly off the handle and immediately merc the guy closest to the machine with 22 p worth of damage in a absolutely horrific punch. Pell ran in at the same time, and promptly shot at Grod, bullets bouncing off this guys bones.

Grod had ascended to a higher plane of existence, one in which the flesh was weak and the chrome was immortal in all it's glory. In his head, thousands upon thousands of glorious logical circuits churned to form a instant, brutal response. The rebuttal was incredible, a scathing response in the eyes of Holy Grud that the runners could not comprehend in its entirety.


The response was bullets and words. The words hurt Pell more than the bullets.

Mortis shot Grod in the groin and he fell over in agony for two combat turns. Knife king, who stabbed at Pell just before, tried to stab Mortis in the groin, and missed. The Cowardly surgeon tried to run away, and got shot by Shutdown. He hit the ground and rolled in agony while screaming. Bow Orc fired an arrow at Mortis, and missed. He would try again at Mortis's groin, and would miss again, while yelling at Chuck, the guy with a molotov cocktail, to burn the drugs. Delphi yelled at him not to do it, and he got scared and didn't even light the thing.

Grod contemplated weakness, and decides that he is not weak as his thick skull deflects ten rounds of APDS from Mortis's gun with numbers. Grod decides that numbers are weak, and willingly falls asleep after Pell shoots him in the head with a called shot.

Knife king gets gutted by Mortis, and slumps to the side, the onion soup in his stomach creating a intense aroma.

Delphi goes to open the door where she spotted a living persona, and the Burning Man does his trademark light-the-fuse-on-my-molotov-cocktail. Delphi does another intimidating yell at the dude, and he gets spooked and drops the thing. Amazingly, it does not break and immolate him alive. Pell pulls out a AA-12 and fills him with stick-n-shock flechettes.

Mortis bullies the Cowardly Surgeon, and brings him back to the room, bringing all the unconscious folk together and tying them up with plastic restraints.

Condition Sundown on the Knife King[. . .]

Knife King wasn't gonna live, but he was still conscious. Shutdown asked him where his onion soup was, and cool dude told her it was in the microwave. Mortis contemplated removing this guys cyber eyes to complete his collection. Delphi observes half the team observing this dying dude like a fly with its wings ripped off and harshly rebukes them for it. The cowardly surgeon was threatened by Shutdown for being a piece of living garbage, and he promptly shut up and hoped nobody would notice him. The Knife King tried to pull up his commlink to do something, and had his contract expire half way through, and he was quiet.

Katherine was found in an adjacent room, the only inhabitant along with a bunch of crazy ganger science machines. She was severely wounded, and was missing her right arm, as well as being the subject to a ganger biopsy with a literal pound of flesh missing from her thigh. The runners briefly considered the logistics of summoning a plant spirit and applying regeneration on the girl, including the possibility of having her cyberjack removed at a shadowrunner clinic to lessen the agony of the operation. Katherine ultimately declined, preferring to get a spinradical arm instead.

Katherine was delivered to the hospital that the johnson requested.


No one wept for the Knife King.

Katherine got a happy ending with the runners mostly declining payment, and all of 28,000 nuyen went into covering most of a delta ware arm. This was not the original plan on the Johnsons part, but his story was picked up and editorialized by SpinGlobal, who considered the remaining costs of the procedure inconsequential to the heart-felt media blitz campaign that was enabled. Profits gained by SpinRadical because of this media campaign was considered to be underwhelming at the time, but several propaganda employees would gain promotions and accolades over the coming years as long term analysis would indicate a positive long term trend in the purchase of cybernetic limbs that was started within the SpinGlobal populous. Katherine registered as a Technomancer with no issue.

Chuck the Mage went on a spirit journey through the astral after his eyes being opened to the horrific traumas he had inflicted to people because of his current profession. Chuck promptly learned more of the intricacies of the universe, and initiated and learned the Masking Meta Magic, which he promptly put to good use in his new career of petty thievery.

Grod the Destroyer gained another cybernetic augment at the end of the week. He plunged deeper into his addiction of hard drugs.

Guy Killed by Grod: Although no one found the Knife Kings body, this guys corpse was definitely taken apart for organs.


10,000 nuyen

5 karma

~can convert nuyen to drugs in a 2,000 nuyen --> 4,000 nuyen

2 cdp

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Fragging dumbass organ-leggers. Gods, Chuck's a fragging dumbass, even among dumbasses. Anyway, onto to more positive musings; I hope Katherine's doing okay after all this, but knowing teenagers, they either harden up, or think they're invincible.


Damn that Onion Soup was good. Should've asked knife guy for the recipe before he bled out. I mean, what a wasted oppor-

Oh yeah. The Run. Right. I was talking about the Run. Spirit, Delphi is -such- a buzzkill. You just know those assholes are gonna keep killing kids for organ meat. But noooooooooo. "Shutdown, you can't just kill everyone," "Shutdown, they have families too," "Shutdown, what happens when their buddies come after us," blah, blah, blah, blah "I'm a stupid slotting junkie hippie elf who's scared of a little blood".

Anyway. Girls alive. I got paid, and I do feel kinda bad for barging past the granny in the stairwell. I mean, she was in the way right, but she's - technically- weak and helpless too right? And a Sioux warrior is supposed to look out for - all - the weak and helpless. But they made us, and it took like, all of ten seconds to get up those flights of stairs as it is. You don't want to face a prepared mage that knows your comin'. Trust me on this oka-

What? Hell yes I took the money! A girl's gotta eat, and this was my second damn hoodin' run in a row. Besides, I have my eye on this sweet desert yellow Growler with metallic purple detailing. It's just bea-. What? Really? Oh fer spirits sake, will you stop your whining? I thought Seattle was the big leagues for - Runners -. What do I look like? The damn Anarch Black Cross?


Organleggers are bad, but frag sometimes I wonder if runners are worse. I mean seriously, this team kicked in the door of three randos high off their hoops on deepweed, and instead of like, letting me talk to them like a normal person, they filled the apartment with a completely unreasonable amount of bullets and figured that would solve the problem - if I hadn't gotten that guy to talk and show us their message board then we would have walked right into the drek-show at their clinic and not have known that Kathrine had been taken somewhere else. They were all ready to go attack them too, as if that would have turned out anything close to well for us. Absolutely nuts. When we finally did get to her, they seemed more interested in watching some poor fragger bleed out then actually rescuing her. Just... I don't even know what to say sometimes. At least she was alright, minus the lost arm, but cyberarms are cool and she can afford it - I just hope she'll be okay.