Drug Resupply in the Fallen's Land

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Drug Resupply in the Fallen's Land
LocationRedmond, Crime Mall
Factions Involved
Trash Panda
Knight Errant
Hell's Saviors
Fallen Angels


To resupply the crime mall with drugs (very important), the runners are to take a rather large drug supply from the Fallen Angels. They do so and escape as Trash Panda accidentally accelerates the vehicle to fragging ridiculous speeds.


The Fallen Angels have managed to get very large drug supply, somehow. This information has made it to KE, who are currently staking out the block that the Fallen Angels have converted into a minor fortress. At the same time, the rival gang, Hell's Saviors has had a minor gang war brewing with the Fallen Angels.

The Meet

The team meets in the Crime Mall, where they are led into the veeeeery back, into an office. There, they meet the Johnson, who informs them that their current supplies of drugs are running low, and, since they tend to sell pretty well, they don't want to run out. They have gotten wind of a large stockpile in the Fallen Angels' hands. The runners are hired to liberate as much of the drugs as they can, and put them into the Johnson's hands. Runners attempt to negotiate pay up, but fail to do so. 8,000 nuyen for as many drugs as they can get.

The Plan

The team scouts the area using a combination of contact legwork, which reveals that KE is currently watching the location. Runners are worried that if anything goes down, that KE will respond and they will have to fight the police as well as the gangers. In an effort to reduce that chance of happening, they aim to find the stakeout vehicle, finding it with some drone recon. The plan is to eliminate them by placing a gas grenade with NeuroStun X by the air intake and knocking them out, then cutting brake lines so that they can't chase them if necessary. They will then raid the gang house (located astrally by TP) that has the drugs.

The Run

The run starts as runners meet up and park down the street from the KE vehicle previously located. TP (who is cold and is sustaining a Personal Warmth spell) places the neurostun grenade as the drone watches with X-ray to see the reaction. One officer manages to make it through it, and he quickly exits the vehicle. Before he can call for help, TP manages to knock him out. Of course, it didn't matter much because KE was in contact with the stakeout vehicle, and that contact had suddenly stopped. They sent another vehicle to investigate. With some quick thinking, TP set the pilot to go across town, and the investigating KE vehicle matched the pursuit. Of course, it ended after not long, since disabling the vehicle following all laws of the road was quite easy.

The rest of the plan kicked off as the runners split into two groups. Up front smash in, distract and get by the home with the drugs (Kara and Burn0ut) and infiltrate and secure drugs (TP and MK). The first team does a fantastic job, taking out the gangers by the front and then smashing into the gate, also hitting a ganger behind it (who, in my head, made a Wilhelm scream). They then proceeded to just tear drek up. This loud noise also attracted the attention of Hell's Angels, who saw it as an opportunity to start their own attack.

Meanwhile, TP and MK manage to slip in unnoticed, due to the commotion. The security around the drug house is much lower, as they are now trying to support the efforts at the gate. The pair use gecko gloves to climb the wall and slip into an open window. MK performs a couple stealth kills, but there is a lot left. To deal with them, the pair put gas grenades with Neuro stun at choke points, and then MK fires a few shots with her pistol. This draws the rest of the guards (save a few) who get taken out by the Neurostun. MK then makes her way through it, and starts an assault on the drug stockpile. MK, TP (shooting through a wall) and an earth spirit that appears behind the boss handily defeat them. It's around this point that the car pulls up around the front of the house. With the gang war now happening, and the drug house guards taken out, they have no problems loading the drugs in the car, until the car runs out of room. Until TP pulls out the duct tape.

With the drugs now duct taped to the roof of the vehicle, they set out. Burn0ut makes their way through the war, avoiding problems (mostly). However, the numerous boxes of drugs attracts the attention of some of Hell's Saviors and definitely the KE HTR that had been called in response to the Neurostun on the cops incident.

Burn0ut takes off, and the team starts firing back. Luckily, Hell's Angels are between HTR and the runners, so the HTR fire is focused on those guys. The runners have to avoid being shot by the gangers a few times, but Burn0ut handily dodges. TP has her earth spirit "help them escape," which the earth spirit does... by casting Movement on the vehicle. This takes the vehicle from Speed 6, and about 180 mph, to speed 12, and 360 mph, or about half the speed of sound. Needless to say, they got away.

They deliver the drugs, get paid, and Burn0ut is torn between thanking TP for an awesome ride, or being mad at her for pushing the engine so hard.


Crime mall now has drugs. Lots of drugs. Way too many drugs. Many much drugs.

Party at MK's house.


  • 8,000 nyen
  • 3 karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Trash Panda... you are a badass. A freaking genius. That gas grenade trick was awesome. And peeling out at almost 400 miles an hour! Hell fragging yeah! Oh, Burn0ut, how the hell did you keep control? Fragging awesome.