Ellie's Musical Initiation

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Ellie's Musical Initiation
LocationMetaplane Of Music
Factions Involved
El Ellie


El Ellie falls asleep and wakes in the Metaplane Of Music, where everything (including the ground) is musical somehow. There are scales, songs, notes, etc. that constantly play. El Ellie eventually finds an area with two scales, F Sharp Major and C Major, that cannot see or hear one another and thus think the other doesn't exist. After much trial and error, El Ellie learns to speak The Sound Of Music. They're both quite friendly, however. El Ellie decides to find a scale in between them and finds A Major, who can see half of each of the other two scales (and they can each see half of A Major). El Ellie eventually collects all of the scales and plays music with them, but notices that any two scales that don't share any notes cannot see or hear one another.

El Ellie is determined to show them that each other exists, and makes eventually asks A Major to rely a message from C Major to F Sharp Major. F Sharp Major is awe-struck about learning that more music exists, and sends messages back to C Major. El Ellie gathers the rest of the scales and helps them all learn about each other's existence, and they learn to make harmonious music together.

Afterwards, El Ellie falls asleep and wakes up in her bed, slightly late for the day. She does feel more connected to her abilities than before, however.


  • 12 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 4 Ranks in the Language Skill 'The Sound Of Music' with a specialization in 'Scales'

Game Quotes

El Ellie: What is that? GM: That is an F Sharp Major Scale, clearly.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)