Emergency Alert - Radioactive Event

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Date: 2082-10-09


Issued 10 October, 2082 - 05:34

Radiation spike detected from Glow City. Radioactive material may have been spread through areas to the northeast of the region. All residents within 4 miles to the northeast of Glow City are recommended to stay indoors. If you are outside, go inside the nearest stable building. If you are inside a building, you should stay inside. If the building has a basement, you should go to the lowest level. If the building does not have a basement, you should get as close as possible to the center of the building and go up two or three floors if it is a multistory building.

If possible, maintain cover for at least 24 hours. Maintaining shelter for 3 days is recommended. Do not consume exposed water or food. If possible, drink only from sealed water sources. If outside at the time of the event, when in cover, remove exposed clothing and wash body with soap and water. If shelter can not be found, do not breathe air without respiratory protection.