Emergency Potter Admin Meeting Regarding Critical Structural Damage to Evo Seattle HQ

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By Ground Truth

Posted on 2080-10-12 at 15:12:57 UTC

I found this video on a host dive. Seems our fine Governor, Ms. Potter, isn’t the angel she claims she is. ~ Ground Truth

Attachment: PotterMeeting.Trid

What begins is a feed from the cybereyes of someone in a board meeting. The video is time-stamped in the lower right corner: June, 23, 2080 4:32:27 am, Seattle Local Time. A table is filled with a collection of people. The Governor, Mr. Potter, walks in and the collection of people stands. The governor shakes hands with an older looking troll near the door.

Governor Potter: Please sit, sit. Thank you all for coming in at this ghost damned hour. But, from what I’ve been told, this matter needs to be dealt with immediately and Evo is dragging their feet. So, who here knows what is going on?

Sekiguchi Kata, Building Commissioner under contract from Shiawase Envirotech: Good morning, Governor. Unfortunately, as on page 123 of our report, the Evo HQ building in downtown has started to sway outside of its normal specifications. Skyrakers like these are expected to have some deflection in the wind, however deflections like this…

Governor Potter: Can someone tell me what is going on, plainly?

Maj. Gen. Nicholas Lewis, Police Commissioner under contract from Knight Errant: Evo’s ghost damn building can come down and they have a stick up their hoops.

Governor Potter: Why?

Maj. Gen. Nicholas Lewis: Their ghost damn...things are wandering the streets and seeking revenge.

The Governor stands up and looks out a window at the city.

Governor Potter: Estimated casualties?

Luca Iacobelli, Emergency Management Commissioner Under Contract from Franklin Associates: Drek, depends on when that drek comes down. I give, maybe….we’re talking at least 100 K.

Governor Potter: Perez?

Dr. Alexis Perez, M.D., Health Commissioner Under Contract from City Health Services: Yeah, we’re not handling that. It would make the quarter look bad and your city’s contract for mass casualties is for less than 1000.

Governor Potter: What’s the fee?

Dr. Alexis Perez, M.D.: 50 K for every person over 1000 that Doc Wagon doesn’t take.

The governor is silent for a moment.

Governor Potter: I recall New York City, 1978, Citigroup tower… Here’s what we do. Lewis, anything about this mark for deletion in the interest of public safety.

Maj. Gen. Nicholas Lewis: Yes ma’am.

Clyde Manning, Matrix Commissioner Under Contract from SpinGlobal: Yo, you are really harshing the vibe of the ‘trix my dude.

The governor just glares at the disco-era-dressed gentleman.

Governor Potter: This shall be done, Mr. Manning, you are compelled to comply with all law enforcement data control requests as per your contract. I suggest you review your obligations and stop partying just because you happened to be feeding upon NeoNet’s corpse...My dude.

Lewis, see to it that security is reinforced with your troops around Evo’s tower until we clean the streets of these experiments.

Maj. Gen. Nicholas Lewis: Yes ma’am.

Governor Potter: Ricardo, can you make it very clear to our Evo friends that if they don’t get every ghost damn welder and use every bit of nanotechnology to ensure their tower doesn’t come down on my city that we will happen to find evidence of CFD infected nanites in our sewer lines and be forced to inform the public, for their safety. Compel them to also clean up their lost and twisted creations.

Ricardo Blackburn, Chief of staff for Gov. Potter: Consider it done.

This is said with a sly grin.

Slawomir Weber, a junior engineer with Eta Engineering and the person whose cybereyes we are watching: But, ma’am, there is no evidence of that.

Governor Potter laughs a little bit.

Governor Potter: Child, you have much, much to learn about influence and how people think. Always frame situations so that the way you want someone to act is in their best interest.

The feed ends there.

OOC: Frag Face’s Bounty is increased to 100K following the events of Unwanted Evolution: The Premiere.