Entwined Hearts Ring Exhibit Visits Seattle

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Date: 2081-5-23

Perhaps one the largest exhibits of it's type, a selection of various rings has made it's way to Seattle, and will be making its way to a number of museums Downtown, starting with the Asian Art Museum.

"The collection will feature many different rings said to be featured through out history," Curator Hyatt Chu said, "and we thank our corporate partners at Sader-Krupp and Shiawase, the last who managed to get an a few pieces from the Japan Imperial State itself. We are excited to be the first to host such a collection of artifacts, many of which are tokens of enduring love just in time in Spring, right before the Summer."

Admission is 28 nuyen per person, or 50 nuyen for couples. From all of us at the Horizon news desk, we hope romantic success to all who view this exhibit.

-AP/Horizon News Service. "We Know What You Think."