Execute the Executor

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Execute the Executor
LocationTacoma AAA zone hotel
Result The runners executed the target
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Gecko Technologies
Commanders and leaders
none none
Units involved
Carbon, Hakari, Scarlxrd
Casualties and losses
(none) (Carl Randy
1 Knight Errant officer
1 Knight Errant officer injured)


The team was hired to execute Carl Randy on behalf of a Mr. Johnson, they successfully managed to do so and escaped from the scene shortly after.


Largely unknown. The target, Carl Randy, recently came into a large sum of cash, presumably after the death of someone close to him. The Johnson wanted to take something from him, but it was something the runners couldn't take themselves.

The Meet

The Johnson met the runners in a private room inside "The Box", where he began to describe the job. Take out Carl Randy, but make sure it can't be traced back to him. Carbon inquired about the time frame of the job and whether or not there was any particular method the Johnson preferred. He replied that the team would have a time frame of 1 week, and he had no preferred method, so long as it couldn't be traced back to him. Hakari and Scarlxrd performed matrix searches to try to find information about the target. After this, the runners discussed the price with the Johnson, with Hakari leading negotiations. Unfortunately, negotiations failed by the Johnson offered to buy cyberware for the team.

The Legwork

The team goes to a local runner bar, and Hakari contacts her fixer and asks her to track down the target's information. She also has a contact purchase a Remington Suppressor on her behalf. Hakari's fixer eventually replies, and tells the team the target's address, a hotel in a Tocoma AAA zone. The team then swings by and takes a look at the security. Noticing a coffee shop across the street they decide to wait out there, keeping an eye out for the target. He arrives arround 5:30 pm and the team takes note of his vehicle and license plate, before finding a hotel of their own where they proceed to sleep in shifts, keeping an eye out for the target the whole night.

The Plan

During the night the team decides it would be easiest to take out the target in his sleep, slipping in the back door armed to the nines first thing in the morning. Carbon preemptively leaves her cloak with Scarlxrd, as he would be the most likely to be spotted and goes to pick up Hakari's Remington and her own bow.

The Run

Arriving on the site, the team notices the back is open as employees are unloading boxes and carrying them inside. They use the opportunity to slip inside and find a service elevator, riding up to the targets floor. Despite the fact that there are multiple people in the hallway they manage to sneak past unseen, and Hakari picks the lock, very nearly triggering the anti-tamper device inside, but manages to avoid doing so at the absolute last second.

The team enters the targets apartment and finds him snoring on his bed in the wee hours of the morning. Scarlxrd and Carbon argue briefly via DNI how they should make this look like a simple B&E but Hakari has little patience for the conversation and puts a pillow over his head and fires a single bullet straight into his skull, killing him instantly. Carbon and Scarlxrd immediately begin ransacking the place, turning everything over as quickly as they can. All 3 runners then jet out of the door, heading for the service elevator where Hakari uses Facial Sculpt to change her face to that of the victim. As they try to leave, they're stopped by Knight Errant. Carbon, fully aware of how they look, realizes that there's little chance of salvaging the situation and fires an Incendiary Arrow, detonating it between the two officers and lighting them both aflame. Hakari then lays into one of the officers with full auto APDS and sprints in the direction of Carbon's bike, Scarlxrd blasts the other with SNS flechette from his cybershotgun and runs as well. Both drop to the ground. Three more officers approach, but Hakari dissuades them with suppressive fire from her Ingram and the team reaches their bikes in time to make their escape, riding off into the sunset.


The team is paid in full and the Johnson presumably accomplishes his goal as well.


  • 2 karma
  • 14k nuyen or 28k in cyberware

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Carbon - (2 karma, 24k nuyen in cyberware, 2k nuyen) These new guys aren't too shabby. I think one of them had a tail, though?
  • Hakari - (7 karma, 4k nuyen) "Knight Errant needs to step their game up, they protect their VIPs with mall cops!"
  • Scarlxrd - (7 karma, 4k nuyen)