Ey, man

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Ey, man
Part of prequel to Crimson Impernanence
LocationGlow city, Seattle
Result The Wuxing team was able to successfully complete their ritual at the designated site. This caused a localized mana surge that enraged a few spirits. Despite that, the runners were able to successfully get the research team back to Seattle, intact.
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Cai Yaozu
Hsiao Chongan
Mok Shun
Lung Yunru
Hao Keung
Chuang Chung
Units involved
1 F3 Nuclear Spirit
2 F6 Firefly Spirits: 1 Scout, 1 Nymph
2 F7 Mantis spirits
3 Gangers
2 F10 Wood Spirits
Casualties and losses
2 F7 Mantis spirits, 1 F3 Nuclear Spirit, 1 F10 Wood Spirit


A group of Wuxing ritualists (which included a Sasquatch) were tasked with doing some research and collecting data on a mana line that passes through glow city. Wuxing hired shadowrunners as bodyguards for the scientific team.


The meet was with a Chinese Johnson at an unremarkable bar in Touristville.


The team traveled to the designated location in a radiation sealed research van. On the way they were briefly intercepted by a low force radiation spirit, which Rabbit immediately killed. The location, due to presence of a mana line was free from BGC. There the runners met 3 gangers who were hunting monsters inside an abandoned building. The runners found the monsters to be meek firefly spirits who were infesting the body of dead gangers (whom they did not kill). The runners persuaded the gangers away, after which two powerful mantis spirits showed up to feast in the fireflies. The runners successfully destroyed both the mantis after a fight. Following the completion of the ritual by the research team, resulted in a localized mana surge. This disturbed two powerful wood spirits which pursued the fleeing team. Rabbit was able to destroy one of the spirits which enraged the other. The van met an accident but all of the team survived, albeit injured. The runners were able to successfully evade the other wood spirit and lead the ritualists to safety.


The actions of the scientific team sent a massive surge of magical energy along the mana line directly at Seattle, resulting in a localized but intense mana surge. A particular office building also began moving on its own akin to a sailing ship.


24000 nuyen, 4 karma

Player Characters


WFTP 10000 to 5 karma



WFTP 10000 to 5 karma

AAR: We were hired by the painfully obvious Wuxing corp to guide a team of magical researchers, deep into the barrens for some kind of field research. Little did I know the area was in fact Glow City. The team composed of 3 nerds and a Sasquatch had found a mana line running through Glow City. While they did their thing, I came across this group of gangers who claimed there were killers hiding in a nearby building. Upon investigating I found two rather meek insect spirits who had claimed the body of a dying ganger. Reluctant to get involved in needless violence, I warned them and let them go, only for them to be intercepted by two mantis spirits. I just fragging cant escape the violence can I? So here we went again bug squashing. Meanwhile the nerds did something that caused a massive mana surge. The background count was rising and radiation spirits were after us, not just that but two ginormous tree spirits as well. Rabbit blew up one of them but the other one caused our van to crash. I survived but the nerds were fairly hurt. Those fraggers were my payday, so I helped them up and somehow extracted them out of the...wait for it...danger zone. At least we all got paid for whatever the fuck they did to the city.