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Factions Involved
Cheshire Cat
Jack Schofield


The team is hired by Solace, to rob a Psionic's trove of stolen spiritual and religious artefacts. As with most runs they did lots of planning that went to hell.


Jack Schofield bought many artefacts simply to keep them away from their rightful owners, this put him on Solace radar.

The Meet

The team met with a man called Mr E at the one-star bar. They were told that the job would require them to use one of their vans to transport the artefacts out. The team left after a brief negotiation to go prep the job.

The Plan

After a series of astral, meat and matrix scouting the team decided on a plan to distract the guards using Chesires spirits and sneak the van in with the invisibility and concealment spells. The plan was for a invisible twitch to hack into the gate and open it up.

The Run

The run went to plan, as the spirits distracted the guards and the cloaking worked. Twitch breached the gates and the van slipped in. They broke into the vault room and began to load the stuff onto the van. After Cheshire used assening on the items and was nearly blinded by one they realized that a large winged statue was tied to Olympic magic. The team attempted to leave but Jack Schofield stood behind an illusion of the vault door Cheshire made, he realized it was fake and called the team out. Cheshire launched a bolt at him revealing that he was an illusion as the bolt hit one of the invisible grunts. 5 Guards were revealed and stood there waiting for them to leave. the team load the van proceeded to rocket out of there, gunning down anyone who got in their way.


The team delivered the goods to Solace and got paid extra for the statue


  • 28,000¥ (18,000¥ base, 10,000¥ bounty for Winged Victory of Samothrace)
  • 3 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • +3 Rep Solace.

Game Quotes

"The truck is going to try and dodge some more!" -Mad

Mad- "I have unexpectedly ramped for the second time in three seconds"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

The job was never going to be easy but fuck me was the security hotter then we thought it was going to be. A large Ward around the building, 100's of guards and strong sensors made this job near impossible to be quite. We nearly got fragged, it was pretty awesome. We got out like a rocket on novacoke and I enjoyed every moment of it. Shame that near the end I got hooked on that Jazz shit, I can't seem to get that craving to go away. This is why I stick to natural shit.

--Cheshire Cat

Okay, I just want to point out I pulled off the best getaway stunts ever. Sorry to the guys at Solace whose job it is to fix the shocks on that Universe, but the barrel roll was worth it.


The johnson was interesting. He clearly understood the failings of flesh and resolved to improve himself via technological prowess. This solus organization may hold merit. The run itself was barely of any interest. All this hightech security and guards were useless when faced with magic and matrix specialists. All I had to do was sit in the van and let myself get driven to the loot. We even got bonus loot by carrying in the statue of some naked human. Some guards managed to figure out what was happening and tried to stop us. That was the last bad decision they ever made. And then it was back to sitting in the van getting nuyen for doing nothing.


Don't care much for the tin can that hired us, but the run was hot. Hot in the fun way. S'not every day I get the chance to unload into a mob of beaters, or see two of them blowin' themselves up, and all that together taught me to make sure I've got appropriate ammo on me.