Family Night Part 2

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Family Night Part 2
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven HaSynth
Gav Jacinto
Ascension Run



The Meet

Chloe Green calls Gav Jacinto and talks to her about the tree-planting event she wants Gav to go to. Gav puts herself down as a 'maybe', which definitely means NO. Chloe is less than happy. She does tell Gav about a job with Rev._Toby_Newton in Redmond. Gav heads deeper into Redmond to get to the St. Monica's Catholic Church.

Inside, there are a few people waiting to confess, and a few people in the pews. Gav thinks about going to the confessional, before realizing that the Reverend is inside the booth. She goes in and meets with the priest. There's an awkward conversation and he suggests heading to his office. There, he lays out the job: he needs someone to take out The Brown Pincers (an elf and ork gang), including their leader Brisa Workman, as they have been assaulting his parishioners. He specifies that he doesn't care what happens to The Brown Pincers, as long as the attacks stop. Their main base is two blocks to the East.

The Plan


The Run

As Gav approaches the gang's territory, she sees their gang colors; Emerald Green and Dark Brown. She sees two people flashing gang signs (crab pincers). Three people approach her and make fun of her two chainsaws and demand payment for their toll. Some banter happens, and then combat ensues! The leader of the three pulls out a monowhip and tries to slash Gav, who dodges. Gav then tries to chainsaw the two goons, and succeeds! The leader then gets angry and slashes Gav pretty good, though no damage is dealt. Gav is angry is also and chainsaws the dude in half.

Two people across the street run towards the gang hangout, and Gav gives chase. On the way over, she's hit by a Power Bolt. And then another. Gav reaches the door to the base and chainsaws it in half!

Inside, someone shoots her. She sees 3 people with guns, someone with a sword, and Brisa Workman is upstairs. She fucking BEYBLADES the person with the sword (but misses and drops a chainsaw) and one of the people with a gun, utterly cutting him in half. She then mostly takes out the sword goon. She takes another two power bolts during this, and is shot at a bunch (though she soaks all of it). She runs up the stairs and hits Brisa with the chainsaw. Brisa takes a nasty gash, and Gav takes another sword attack and another hail of bullets. Then she finishes the job on Brisa, and the gangers break, except for the sword goon who lightly scratches Gav's cyberarm. Anyway...

After the fight, Gav finds ledgers detailing drug and cyberware repossession + organlegging operations, and also shaking down homeless people. She also finds several loaded credsticks. After some deliberation about what to do with them, she decides to redistribute it to people in need. (Whatever Gav's interpretation of that is.)


The next day, Chloe Green shows up at Gav's place to take her out to plant trees. At 10am. (It's a 2 hour ride to the tree-planting spot.)


  • 6k nuyen - 3 RVP
  • 8 karma - 8 RVP
  • 4 CDP - 1 RVP


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