Fantastic Space Marines and Where to Find Them

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Fantastic Space Marines and Where to Find Them
LocationEdGE: Extradimensional Games Enterprises, Renton
Factions Involved
Night Claws
Doctor Marvel


A group of four runners, two mages, a technomancer and a face, work together to steal some miniatures for a popular wargame and destroy the entire stock of some others.


Wizard’s Workshop (a merger of Wizard’s of the Coast and Games Workshop) are in production for the latest line of miniatures. Their release date is inconveniently close to a major tournament, and rumors of power creep have been confirmed. The Tournament has special rules requiring all minitures be painted. So, Mr. Johnson wants the team to steal a set for his son well before the release date so his son has time to paint them before the big tournament. To give him an extra edge, he also wants the Eldar miniatures sabotaged, because fuck that OP bullshit.

The Meet

Meeting at a nice restaurant, the Italiano, the Johnson ingratiates himself to the team by buying dinner and presenting a sympathetic story: he's just a dad who wants to have fun with his son. This, along with the promise of a 12,000 nuyen reward, coaxes the team into accepting the job. Informed quickly that they need to acquire him a box of specifically Space Marines (along with some AR files) and destroy / otherwise disable the Dark Eldar, the runners face another challenge: this must be done non-obviously. Handing the crew a datachip with the address of the building from which they'd be stealing and a commcode, the Johnson made his exit.

The Plan

Night Claws quickly began a deep Matrix search, while Doctor Marvel and Mendacius began a Clairvoyance ritual. Using this ritual, the team was able to scry on the inside of the building, creating a rough map of it and understanding where and what things were going on within. By waiting until some workers on the production line checked out, they also found the combination for the keypad locks. With his search complete, Night Claws engaged in some host reconnaissance, familiarizing himself with the host's layout as well as snagging the data the Johnson requested. Further exploring, he found the building's scheduling file, noting that many executives had scheduled visits and shortly after canceled them. After realizing that the production data that would be used to manufacture the Dark Eldar models was based on something stored in the host's foundation, Night Claws deduced that to access it he'd need to catch someone as they did that very thing.

To accomplish this, the team turned to a social infiltration. By impersonating an executive named Gaile Frenchname using a skin pigmentation treatment and a synthskin mask, Poppet could simply walk in, ask to see the design document currently stored in the archive, and allow Night Claws to get his claws on it. In addition, a box set would be simple to acquire for 'testing purposes'. Night Claws stalked Gaile's P2.1 to program the mask, and Poppet and Mendacius, disguised themselves as her and her assistant. Doctor Marvel created charcoal-on-paper preparations to improve NC's mental acuity for the final hacks.

The Run

The run seemed to go off without a hitch, in part because of assistance rendered by Rick Rampant in acquiring a fake SIN that could imitate Gaile's. After Poppet and Mendacius got away with the Space Marines and Night Claws altered the design documents with his complex form, he hacked into a forklift and sent it "accidentally" careening into the stocking shelves, striking exactly where they were storing the Dark Eldar. In the end, magical, social and matrix supremacy combined to ensure a clean, successful run.


  • 12000N¥
  • 5 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Night Claws

Oh my god i was so clos to nerding around and annoying the team. I mean heck Of course i know what Warhammer is, everyone that uses the Matrix more than 3 hours a day knows. At least i feel like it. I have to say they did a solid work on the Host, just lke the Palace on Holy Terra, including the Custodies IC. I´d like to hang out in such a Host for longer if it wasnt for a job. Twas quite the exercise, just not a hard one.


Ah, it's nice getting a clean, quick, job done, and also nice not to be working with total skeezes to get it done. No need to get messy, just a little tradecraft and a slick word or two and I got my part done pretty easily. It's really nice having mojo at my back, especially when it's a techno whose brain can make an absolute fool of a host and a nice mage who can make me more persuasive than my monowhip. All in all, a pretty good day's work for Karen. Walking out of the opposition's building with the target and having them thank me for even deigning to show up was probably the best part. God, these nerds are gullible.


Very nice work, I can appreciate a team that know how to solve things without bloodying their hands. My only regret is that I couldn't burn away the Dark Eldar figures, I needed the catharsis.

Dr. Marvel

My energies were in good alignment on this job! I don't know what hobby my associates were so excited about, but I wrote some excellent sigils and performed a remote viewing from the comfort of my study that benefited the team greatly! I am glad they were able to perform their part without incident. I used the proceeds from this job to enhance my study's sigils and balance of elements, then finally uncovered the secrets of alchemical fixation! I am quite happy!