Fishy Data

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Fishy Data
Location(Abandoned Redmond Stuffer Shack)
Factions Involved
Janitor Dan


The team of four was hired to recover data stored on an offline commlink stored in the headquarters of a Redmond-based hooding operation. After doing some legwork on the building's layout and likely opposition, they, with the help of the Johnson's own matrix support and a diversion elsewhere, stormed the building and recovered every commlink present before making a slightly sweaty escape.


The Seattle Red-Green Republic is an anti-corporate policlub / criminal organisation seeking to build a self-sufficient community of the downtrodden and SINless within the Seattle Metroplex. In order to do so, they need infrastructure, but face difficulty sourcing it from outside. So they build it themselves. To do this, they need the raw technologies the corps develop, in particular a newly developed krill genome that can survive and thrive in small bodies of water even in less-than-ideal climates. This technology however, has already been extracted and will soon be ransomed back to the corps that developed it, and after having been stolen once, it seems likely the guard will be higher. This is where the runners come in.

The Meet

The runners arrive, each in separate vehicles, at a sleepy warehouse in Everett. While not abandoned, it seems to be kept in a state of disuse. The Johnson meets them there, accompanied by beefy guards of a military demeanor, and lays out the basics of the run. Go to this address, the headquarters of Anti-Corp Redmond, and recover an offline commlink from the upstairs rooms. At this time today, the opposition will be lighter, and you can call on us to neutralize their matrix support. A key stipulation here is that the runners must not inflict lethal harm while doing this, given that the Republicans and Anti-Corp are nominally on the same side. The runners accept the Johnson's initial offer of 4,000 nuyen each for the job.

The Plan

After the J takes his leave of the meeting-place, the runners quickly get to legwork. A matrix search shows the address is an abandoned Stuffer Shack with a residential unit on the second floor, currently owned by the city. While none of the runners know much about ACR or the Republic, Blue's business training means he knows the standardized layout of Stuffer Shacks such as this one, and the crew piles into Janitor Dan's logo-shifting van and drives to the general vicinity of the headquarters.

The Run

Given their ample time before the distraction will occur, the runners decide to do a little preliminary scouting. Desdinova casts Detect Life and estimates that around 15 individuals are in the building, 5 on the second floor and 10 below. Rapture sneaks behind the building, realizing that the ladder that would allow direct access to the roof and from there the second floor is dangerously degraded from disrepair. Having figured this, the crew waits until 5:15 PM, when a biker that the runners recognize as a member of the Cutters swiftly enters, then exits the building. Following that, the crew witnesses a coterie of goons exiting the building and driving off, before continuing to drive around nonchalantly. As they come back around, they notice that of the cars that were present outside the building, only one remains, and another Detect Life shows that only around 10 individuals remain in the building, all on the ground floor. Alerting their support, the crew sneaks around the front entrance, using Dan's autopicker to breach from the Stuffer Shack's locked side entrance.

The ACR's meagre skeleton crew of a few toughs and Cutters backed by a mage is quickly steamrolled, only Blue receiving any damage at all as the runners quickly and non-lethally neutralize the opposition. With the civilian noncombatants quickly fleeing the scene, Rapture hacks down the door blocking their path to the second floor and quickly begins searching the office, which Blue already knows the location of. Finding two, as opposed to one, offline commlink(s), the runners begin to suspect that the intel they received at the meet may have been inaccurate vis-a-vis the location of the paydata, and, knowing that none of them can discern a data bomb, decide to instead search every unconscious individual and recover their commlink. Having done so, they move to leave in their van, but notice someone standing on the other side.

After attempting to frighten this man away, and observing his response of simply shooting at Dan's run-flat tires, the crew quickly and efficiently attacks, knocking him out nearly immediately. Having done this, the janitor resists the urge to crush him with his van, and simply steals his cyberdeck instead. A Cutter riding by on a combat bike chooses to mark the van with radioactive paint rather than engage the runners, but his assumption that the van's janitorial appearance is simply a disguise proves fatal, as Janitor Dan simply removes the paint and the radioactive elements with his janitorial tools.


The runners exeunt the scene of the crime, changing the van's paint job and escaping the barrens without incident. Returning to the warehouse where they left their cars, they find the Johnson's goons there waiting for the commlink. Presented with such an excess, the Republicans ask them to convene with the Johnson again, this time through trid, but he quickly sees reason and accepts the 13 commlinks they've gathered, paying them on the spot. The runners, in addition, quickly fence the beat-up cyberdeck for an additional payday.


8000 Nuyen, 7 Karma, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Desdinova's AAR:
The run was simple enough: Get to the place, steal the commlink, don't kill anyone and get out. Only problem was the team consisted of a janitor, weeb, depressed guy and me the elderly citizen. None of us knew how to check for correct commlink. We knocked them out without a trouble... and well... took all of their commlinks and a deck. We fenced the deck and gave th2 Johnson all of the commlinks.