Flobots - Combat

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Flobots - Combat
Part of Flobots
LocationHorizon Apartments, Seattle
Factions Involved
Finnegan Mafia security Elven Birdwatcher
Horizon Security
Casualties and losses
Nightingale (Injured) 10 security guards, one casino None


Cube blocked the Johnson on P2.1 after the Johnson called the Horizon rapper out, and so hit Rambozo, Witchblade, and Nightingale up to drop a mixtape like fire, and make sure Cube listened.


Your typical meet, Johnson offered low, Runners tried bargaining for high payout, and they met in the middle.


Phase One went about as expected, the runners did some legwork and figured out a few of Cube's appearances for the next few weeks, as well as his preferred hangout and restaurant. After a bit of planning, they elected to drop the tape at the casino, and moved in to get a feel for the place. Unfortunately, Witchblade drew some of the wrong kind of attention, and Nightingale failed to talk her out of it, and security escorted them into the back room for a bit of interrogation. Fortunately, Rambozo had been given a time to wait before intervening if Nightingale and Witchblade hadn't made it back in time.

The clown started the firefight by launching a rocket into the front door of the building, taking down two of the bouncers as Nightingale and Witchblade attempted to break free of their own captors to rejoin with him and fight their way to the vehicles. Witchblade split up from Rambozo and Nightingale, and things got complicated when the Finnegan family's shaman summoned a couple of fire spirits that decided that Rambozo's car was more threatening than Witchblade's, and set it on fire. They managed to outrun the spirits, but had no method of putting the fire out, until Rambozo remembered that you're supposed to stop, drop, and roll to put the fire out. It... sorta worked. The car was wrecked, and Nightingale had been badly injured after being ejected from the vehicle, and was unable to continue.

Rambozo and Witchblade took a few days to rest, and called in a substitute to help them finish out the run, and Cryo was available. This time, they elected to try at Cube's apartment, and Cryo revealed that she had the skills to shapeshift. With a new plan in mind, they headed down to the Krime Mall and picked up a retro boombox to play the cassette tape on, planned out how to distract Horizon Security, and then waited for Cube to get home. Cryo drew some unexpected attention when she flew up with the boombox in crow form; not from Horizon Security, but from birdwatching streamers, who made a call to one of the members on site at the horizon apartments. The elf attempted to get through Cube's apartment, but was rudely rebuffed, but she managed to convince the upstairs neighbor to let her through, after which point she climbed down to the balcony that Cryo was on in crow form. She tried to get the boombox from the shifter, but was unable to persuade her to let it go before Cube burst out onto the balcony and tried to blow the boombox to bits. Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, Witchblade and Rambozo enacted their plan to distract the guards, the clown firing rockets into the air like fireworks while Witchblade attempted to break the ward. The pair had a quick skirmish with some horizon security, in which two were knocked out meatside, and Witchblade elected not to engage astrally. More security showed up after a short period of time to deal with Rambozo, who decided to leave after talking with them for about a minute.

On the other side of the compound, Cryo was making Cube look a bit less gangster than the rapper would like, possibly damaging his reputation, until one blast got a little close and shaved a few feathers from the shifter mage. At that point, the elven birdwatcher tazed him, took his shotgun, and held him at gunpoint until security arrived to take him away for attempting to shoot a bird protected by the Migratory Bird Act of 2018, the mixtape playing for the whole time, meaning that they completed their mission.


Theoretically, Cube loses some gangster rep for failing to shoot a crow flying around with a boombox, Nightingale decides that maybe running isn't the best way to fund her musical career and retires, and the other three collect their paychecks and wait for the next one.


10,000 nuyen (5k for Cryo), 5 Karma, +3 Enduring Resistance, +1 PA Rambozo