Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 3)

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Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 3)
Result Sludge geeked
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven ShadowHaven
Commanders and leaders
Cyber Knight
Back Talk
Casualties and losses
None None


Back Talk hires a team to kill the street sam (Sludge) he thinks is out of control and who killed his sister during previous events.


The runners: Spectre, Cyber Knight, and Witchblade were hired by the newbie Johnson Backtalk to eliminate Sludge the street sam. The reason for this was due to sludge going on a rampage that ended up taking out Backtalk’s sister and quite a bit of a horizon facility.

Pre-meet: Runners received information about the meet 24 hours in advance and decided to go to the hotel where the meet took place roughly 20 hours in advance. Cyber Knight crit glitched a matrix search and came away with the interpretation that the Johnson was somehow connected to Omega Dawn. Sometime during the night the runners while on overwatch from their hotel window witnessed a sketchy group of people in scuba gear carrying assault rifles exiting a waterway roughly 100 meters from the runners room. Due to the high level of paranoia and general knowledge that the opfor was going to try and disrupt the runner team and or the meet, Spectre and Cyber Knight took no chances. They swiftly launched a brutal long distance attack that almost immediately incapacitated the matrix and magical specialists with manabolts and arrows. Witchblade was on astral over watch but due to the mage being taken out so early in the fight did not have much to do because the spirits had no orders. The rest of the enemy opposition was swiftly eliminated in the same manner due to being unable to detect where the assault was launched from.

The meet: The runners met up with the Johnson at the local park and convinced him to go to a more private location where Cyber Knight lightly interrogated him about the supposed information pertaining to Backtalk being connected to Omega Dawn. Spectre managed to talk down Cyber Knight enough to agree to the job, the offer of escrow by the Johnson helped to mitigate quite a bit of the misgivings.


The duel: While preparing to find Sludge Cyber Knight was contacted by his fixer who had connected some things about the likely perpetrators of the fight that occurred near the hotel and had brought a message from Sludge. Sludge wanted to negotiate a surrender because he didn’t want the crusher 495 to be severely damaged and this information was brought to Backtalk’s attention. However the J wanted nothing to do with the deal and told the runners to continue with the job. Cyber Knight decided that the best way to mitigate damage to the crushers and complete the job was to challenge Sludge to a street sam duel. Sludge accepted, and a time and place was agreed upon. The fight happened in a Redmond warehouse and was over in an instant, with Cyber Knights sword sticking out of Sludge’s chest. During this encounter Cyber Knight learned that Backtalk had been pressuring Sludge to participate in runs despite having issues maintaining his sanity. This enraged Cyber Knight who promised to eliminate Backtalk after the duel was done.


The runners were paid and everything went smoothly there. Cyber Knight attempted to convince the Johnson to pay him in person in order to kill Backtalk, however Backtalk was wily enough to avoid this and had apparently booked a flight out of country. Cyber Knight showed up to the airport and the screen goes to black as Cyber Knight watches Backtalk board the airplane. To be continued ……


26000 nuyen, 2 Karma

Player AARs



Cyber Knight

AAR: Stupid sonofabitch Backtalk! He tricked me into killing a trog who didn't deserve to die. Yeah he killed Backtalk's sister, but it was mothafocking Backtalk who pumped him full of drugs and unleashed him in the fight, knowing full well he was cyber psycho. A job's a job and I kept my honor. Sludge died like a true trog sam. But that Backtalk has no spine, using me to do his dirty work and then running away. I'll get him and if he has a spine then to face me, I'll rip it straight outta his back. You hear that Backtalk?! I'm coming for you! Run you fool, run!