Flyboy in Cara'Sir

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Flyboy in Cara'Sir
GMKorean BBQ
Status Threat Level: Low
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Flyboy goes on Holiday to Cara'Sir. Whilst there he tries to blend in with the local culture and customs, and not get bussed as a runner. All whilst on a variety of drugs.


After talking to Moth quite a bit, Flyboy realised that, as someone who's spent their entire lives living in Seattle and who's parents weren't about that life, he has no idea what actual Elven culture is like. As a result, and now that he has a boat he decides to treat himself to a holiday in Tir Tairngire!

The Run

After going through port security, who were unable to locate his Torpedoes, Flyboy decides that the absolute best first stop would be the clubs, as he's reasonably familiar with the clubbing scene of Seattle. He's offered a variety of drugs whilst he's there, including Long Haul, Beta-meth and Nova-coke.

In the early hours of the following morning, he finds himself in an awkward situation. The elf he's been chatting up at the bar is the partner of the guy who supplied all of his drugs! Following a short, awkward conversation between the two of them whilst he pretends to not exist, he can't help but overhear they're having some relationship issues, and offers his services as someone who's seen one too many trids a professional therapist. It takes a little while but eventually he gets to the bottom of the issue and they make up.

Shortly thereafter a group of punks turn up to the club and Flyboy mingles with them, using the matrix-connection of his suit to change his look from sleek business-man to punk rocker as he does so. One thing leads to another and after several drinks they go to a local street doc for LED tattoos, getting matching tacky barbed-wire tattoos.

As someone not used to being on Long Haul, and despite not being tired, Flyboy returned to his boat so he could check in with the haven, and also do a little research into big touristy spots for things to do. A quick matrix search and a trip to Stuffer Shack for spray paint later, he makes his way out to the wall surrounding the city, with the intention of slapping up some graffiti. Unfortunately when he gets there, he instead finds himself at the muster point for a tour, the guide of whom hasn't turned up just yet. Using the matrix as a crutch to appear vaguely competent, Flyboy decides that he could give the tour instead! It goes surprisingly well, and everyone seems to enjoy the tour, except the several members of KE who are looking for a tour guide who's accused of drug theft. Flyboy manages to keep his cool and they leave shortly thereafter. Following the tour, and when he goes to apply the graffiti, he discovers the actual should be tour guide passed out after a drug high in an alley. Graffiti gets applied and then the tour guide is dropped off at the nearest hospital.

Branching out of his usual gritty low-end clubs, and using an invite that he got as a tip from the tour, Flyboy goes to a high-end dance club, where a number of important political figures and corporate officials, including the CEO of Big Rig's Mining Inc. are enjoying the show. Flyboy spends some time navigating the world of Tir Tairngire's political world, and enjoying the company of a dancer, but decides that whilst he can just about make sense of the goings on here, he'd much rather not have to deal with it too much.


Unfortunately Flyboy gets a call from his fixer, his holiday's over and it's time to go home. He has to deal with port security on his way out, and he's still under the influence of both Long Haul and Betameth as he leaves, but they don't check him too closely, and he feels all the more able to adapt to new social circles than he would otherwise.


  • 3 Karma
  • Social Chameleon for gen. price
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was a fun holiday! A lot more mingling with the locals than I expected but that's definitely not a bad thing. I'm gonna have to tell Moth and possibly Southpaw all about this when I get home. Kinda glad in retrospect that what happened to the tour guide didn't happen to me though, Ice Cube and Brute Force would never forgive me. Now....where can I get me some more drugs?